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The World is Too Bright

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Photo: Riverside Drive Illumination, sometime between 1910 and 1915, Bain News Service.

I am having a terrible day.

I work in customer service for Axon Optics and I’ve probably talked to or emailed many of you.  I really enjoy helping others with photophobia and migraine because I suffer as well.  But today is not good.  The sad thing is, my day wouldn’t be terrible at all if I’d brought my indoor glasses.

I dropped an order off at the postal shop near my house today.  The weather was lovely.  It has finally cooled off a bit here in Utah, but the sun is still very bright.  I wear my outdoor-tinted Cocoons when I’m taking walks.  I’ve had them for a few weeks now and they make a huge difference for my light sensitivity problems.  I am used to them now and the only time I notice that there is a rose tint is when I’m looking at a yellow light – the yellow looks lemon-lime instead of on the orange side.

Now I’m indoors.  Incandescent lights only bother me if they’re very bright.  Today I’m on campus, though, and there are fluorescent lights everywhere!  They’re making it impossible to get anything done, and my Cocoons are just too dark for some of these spaces.  I regret not taking the time to grab my indoor pair before leaving the house.

My temples are pulsing.  Everything is so bright it’s making me nauseous.  It feels like the world is swirling around me.  Simple things like a door opening seem antagonistic because of how the light pours in.  I guess I had just learned to live with it until I got my demo pair – now I need them because I know how comfortable I could be, every day.

I won’t be going to the grocery store tonight.   I need to learn to carry my glasses in my purse just as I would my keys or wallet.  I need them at the store just as much as I need that shopping list.

In the meanwhile, I’ll just sit in the dark.  This isn’t a permanent solution, though; I don’t want to dark-adapt my eyes.


4 thoughts on “The World is Too Bright

  1. shakun Rajbansi says:

    Please help me. I need grasses for sensitive eyes in fact very very sensitive. The light blinds me. Please reply your earliest. Thank u

  2. Lisa Green says:

    I can get set off seeing lights in photos and on tv, Cannot watch Tv flashes too much Cannot drive much, cannot handle screens on computer or phone. I also get the nausea. I am on disability because of this. I hate being like this . I want to adopt kids but having trouble keeping up with myself and mom. I am unable to go out with friends but rarely Cannot stand the music and noise and lights being in a restraunt in the day or night. If its sound and light sensitivity all the time then maybe its injury to the brain? Not the eyes only? I feel for you and know how you feel . I wanted to die for the year or so I had no help for the pain from everyday fighting not to have a migraine. I am greatful for medication. I dont know where I would be now if I did not have it. I hope you all can design darker and more effective glasses that could help someone like me. Keep on going!

  3. Lisa Green says:

    Wish the photos were not so bright, Not kidding, Would be great to change them considering most of us are light sensitive. Thanks so oo much!

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