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Turning 50: Not Downhill At All! Stopping the Light Sensitivity

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Guest Post from Anne D:

Most people can easily, without thought, leave their home for a walk, to run errands, exercise, pick up kids, etc.  Whatever the case may be, they don’t think where the sun is or what it may do to their eyes or face.  If you are “normal” why would you?  Well, I am far from most “normal” people!  I have Lupus with terrible migraines that began the start of my early twenties and the sun became my worst enemy. Without proper coverage the skin around my eyes and top of my cheeks would suddenly blister because of the sun and my eyes would immediately start into the familiar aura that precedes a painful and nauseating Migraine that would knock me out for who knows how long.

Now, I have just turned fifty!  For me, turning fifty has been the greatest thing ever!  It’s not downhill for me at all! I have great news…my life couldn’t get any better!  I feel as though my life has just begun!

I have had the blessing to have found AXON OPTICS.  Putting on the Wrap 7C or the WRX sunglasses is like putting on the most comfortable old blanket.  That’s the best explanation ever!  If my eyes could talk they would shout a resounding, “Awwwe!”

I have found that I am having less Migraines.  I have a pair of indoor glasses with the FL-41 lenses that I put on first thing in the morning.  Sometimes, if I was extra tired, I would go into the grocery store and just almost expect to have a Migraine begin because of the fluorescent lighting.  Now I don’t give it a second thought!  I know I’ll be just fine!

My vision is crisp whether I’m wearing either my indoor or outdoor frames.  My Migraine headaches have been cut at least in half if not more and I can’t be grateful enough.  AXON OPTICS has done an incredible job and I’ll be a #1 fan for life!

-Anne D.

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