What to Do When Your Child is Sensitive to Light: A 5-year-Old’s Story

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What to Do When Your Child is Sensitive to Light: A 5-year-Old’s Story

We frequently hear stories from Axon Optics users about the benefits they experience from our glasses. One benefit we’ve been hearing about is how our eyewear helps those with ADHD light sensitivity, even in children. Of course, child light sensitivity can make school and play difficult for kids. But it can also take its toll on parents, who have a hard time watching their kids deal with pain. 

One of those stories was recently submitted by a mom. Her 5-year-old son is on the autism spectrum, and also has ADHD. As a related condition, he suffers from photophobia. His photophobia is enhanced by the medication he needs to manage his ADHD, resulting in eye pain when he encounters bright light, sunshine, and even some colors. His mom reports:

“I have bought him several pairs of glasses, expensive and non-expensive ones, in my desperation to help him ease his pain, which was already affecting his daily activities.”

Axon Optics eyewear may be beneficial to kids with ADHD light sensitivity

Dr. Bradley Katz, neuro ophthalmologist and founder of Axon Optics states in this video that indoor glasses for photophobia may be especially important for kids. Children with light sensitivity may suffer from photophobia-triggered migraines. But because of the side effects, there are few good options for migraine medications for kids. Axon Optics eyewear is available for children with ADHD light sensitivity, and doesn’t produce those side effects.

In this case, even seeing a specialist didn’t provide much help for this little boy’s ADHD light sensitivity. The recommended yet another pair of very expensive glasses, which didn’t help him indoors. His mom’s online research about indoor glasses for photophobia turned up only two companies: Axon Optics and another company with glasses for adults only.

“I was thrilled to find your glasses online. I read and read articles about them and decided to give them a shot. The glasses arrived very fast, within 3 days. My son was jumping up and down when they were delivered. He put them on and was able to watch cartoons for a good hour or so before he felt any discomfort — he wasn’t able to do that before. I just want to thank you for such a great product! It makes such a difference in his life.”

We want to thank this mom for sharing! We are so happy our indoor glasses for photophobia have helped your son with his ADHD light sensitivity. 

If you have an experience to share about child light sensitivity, ADHD and photophobia, please send us your story!


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