Migraine Relief With Axon Optics


Stuck in a dark room? Well, you're not alone. Over 80% of migraine sufferers are sensitive to light. Axon Optics eyewear has unique lenses that blocks the light that has been implicated in triggering and exacerbating migraines. In addition to offering eyewear for migraine and light sensitivity, we are also developing and performing clinical studies on new light filtering products to help you leave the dark room and enjoy time with your friends and family. Step into the light with Axon Eyewear..


Axon was founded by researchers from the University of Utah. All proceeds from this website go towards further research and development of technologies that can provide relief from light sensitive conditions. Read More

Light Can Trigger Migraines

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“The indoor tint has a lot more promise. It helps sometimes when watching television, and it takes the edge of of the really bright white overcast days that unfortunately are common here in San Francisco. ...”
— Robin Cowen
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