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Light Can Trigger Migraines

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Migraines can be triggered by indoor lighting sources such as fluorescent lights, computer monitors, and gas-vapor lamps.

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Axon Migraine Glasses Vescent Right

From complete coverage to fashion frames, check out some of our latest therapeutic products.

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Axon is the first and original therapeutic eyewear company. Our proprietary lens is used by thousands.

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Research-Based Technology

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Founded by researchers from the University of Utah. Axon proceeds go towards further research of technologies for light sensitive conditions.

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  • I highly recommend these glasses if light. TV, computer use, etc. bring on an episode. I will definitely buy another pair in case I misplace the ones I have. These are priceless and have been a life saver. It's great not to live in fear of a migraine attack.
    Joyce Colosi
  • I was skeptical however I was sick of taking the migraine meds to knock the migraines. After 4 weeks I am completely sold on these glasses and wear them daily at work!
    Brad Rossetti
  • Having now made two different orders from Axon Optics, I found the service I received to surpass my expectations. In my dealings with Axon Optics, in particular with Virginia and Lilli, they always kept me up to date with my orders and were very helpful answering any questions I had about their products / services. If anyone is thinking of getting a pair of glasses, I highly recommend trying them.
    Justyna Horodyska
  • Very helpful. I've suffered from light sensitivity for five years. It wasn't a cure but rather, it is one more tool for me to use to protect my eyes. Also, they are very well made.
  • The first time I put on my glasses the relief was nearly instantaneous. I was happily amazed and thankful that there was something that could correct my photophobia.