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Axon Optics Migraine Glasses featured at "Innovation Idol: Superhero Edition"

axon optics migraine glassesOn Wednesday, Dec. 7, four fantastic entrepreneurial innovators assembled in the hallowed halls of The Leonardo Museum in Salt Lake City to participate in “Innovation Idol: Superhero Edition.” Axon Optics was pleased to be selected as one of the four innovations. Each contestant represented a super-heroic innovation with the potential to save lives, increase safety, and improve quality of life for thousands and even millions of people.

Optics researcher Steve Blair from Axon Optics presented our migraine glasses innovation to a large crowd and a panel of expert judges.  Coincidentally, one of the judges, Brady Canfield Maj, USAF (Ret), was wearing FL-41 glasses.  He said, “I had 1 – 2 migraines per week, saw Dr. Bradley Katz, got some FL-41 “rose colored glasses” and the migraines went down to about 1 every 2 months to maybe one every 4 months now.”

In addition to the many responsibilities that Mr. Canfield has, he is also a graphic novelist.  Check out his work here  The FL-41 glasses are important to him in part because “when I do get a migraine, no art work gets done.”axon optics migraine glasses



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