Axon Optics vs Blue Light Blocking Glasses 

Blue light blocking glasses are made under many names – Blutec, Migraine Shields, Aspectus, Gunnar Optics, or a host of others.

The problem with blue light blocking glasses is that they all vary significantly in blocking certain light – but they are all consistent in one thing: they don’t block the types of light shown to aggravate light sensitivity and migraine.

By contrast, Axon Optics are made specifically for those with photosensitive symptoms such as migraine.

Axon Optics reduce symptoms of migraine and light sensitivity — blue blockers don’t

Despite numerous studies, blue light glasses have not been shown to reduce symptoms of migraine or light sensitivity.¹

However, according to clinically validated surveys, 85% Axon Optics customers experience success.  On average they reduce their migraine days by 33% and light sensitivity by 67%.

Axon optics vs blue blockers

“I have a few other blue light glasses from other brands but I always reach for my [Axon Glasses]. Such a relief whenever I'm wearing my them! I'm able to work without eye strain or headaches.”

-Rhiana F. from UT

Despite their name, many blue light glasses don’t block much blue light.

Axon reduces more amber and blue light than blue blockers

You'll notice from the chart that blue blockers also don't block a lot of blue (480nm) or amber light (590nm). Both blue and amber light are shown to aggravate photosensitivity.³ For the most effective relief, you want to block both.

Fortunately, Axon Optics lenses reduce about 40% of the blue light and 30% of the amber light reaching your eyes.

“I had just lost hope after researching all the misleading information about clear "blue light blocking" glasses and was determined to find a company that not only had real tinted lenses to assist in blocking light, but in a company that cared to help people with disabilities such as migraines. Since there was a great return policy, I decided to try them out. Much to my excitement and surprise, they tone down all kinds of painful light, so much so that I decided to give my mother a light transition pair for her job as she also suffers from migraines. ”

-Robin A. from Arizona

Axon Optics lenses are consistent in quality.

With blue light blockers, you never know what you are getting. Along with their many names, blue blockers vary widely in the type of light they block.⁴ Unless you have a spectrometer to measure them, it's tough to know what they're actually filtering.

At Axon Optics, we frequently use a spectrometer to measure competing lenses. As you'll see below, blue blocker lenses come in a lot of different colors, which means they block different types of light. By comparison, every pair of Axon Optics lenses has the same tint because they block the same types of light —
the types science tells us make you uncomfortable.

Axon vs blue light blockers

“[Axon Optics are] such a huge improvement over regular blue light filtering lenses. The lens is very soothing, especially working in front of computer or anywhere with LED/excessively bright lights.”

-Gali B. from CA

Axon lenses reflect less painful glare into your eyes.

Axon reflects less glare than Blue Blockers

Don't you hate it when fluorescent light reflects off your glasses into your eyes? Many blue light blocking lenses don't include any anti-reflective coatings. Combine this with the fact that they could be blocking too much of some light, and the resulting glare could aggravate your light sensitivity. You may even see own eyes reflected in the lenses. How annoying is that?

Lucky for you, Axon Optics lenses come with advanced anti-reflective coatings. Our lenses reflect less than 0.2% percent of the light, so you won't be increasing your risk of bothersome, even painful glare.

“My job’s lighting was really affecting my vision and my overall being. I was leaving work with migraines and became extremely sensitive to light that I would come home and lie in the dark. I purchased these after first trying a pair of blue light glasses (thinking they would work but it didn’t) and I couldn’t be happier! These glasses saved me!”

-Cory M. from New York

Axon frames are high quality.

Many blue blocker frames are just cheap “gas station” frames. Axon Optics will never sell these. We’re obsessed with providing you sturdy, comfortable, and lightweight frames that match the quality of our lenses.

Oh, and they look great on you, too!


“Fluorescent lighting became intolerable. Even my home became a minefield, from the too-bright kitchen ceiling light to the monitor and phone screens (despite blue-light filters). Wearing [Axon Optics] immediately made an enormous difference. Not only did they stop the near-constant migraine pain, they also protected me from being constantly retriggered so my nervous system could calm down and begin to heal.”

–Maya L. from Illinois

Axon Optics is the original and most innovative lens manufacturer.

The Axon difference lies in our science, our ongoing research, and our ties to the medical community.


Founding Scientific Team

Axon was co-founded by Dr. Bradley Katz, a neuro-ophthalmologist and photosensitivity scientist at the world-renowned Moran Eye Center at the University of Utah Hospital, with Dr. Steve Blair, a photonics researcher at the University of Utah.



Our founders have published many academic articles on light sensitivity and migraine.⁵ Dr. Katz has treated thousands of photosensitive patients.



In 2011, Axon Optics pioneered the idea of perfecting eyewear for migraine and photosensitivity and has continued to improve its lens over the past decade.

"Blue light lenses did not help me, but the [Axon Optics] Cover Rx glasses did. These glasses enabled me to extend time with screens without headaches to be fairly functional for business-related tasks, and to return to work (versus not tolerating 10 minutes up to twice/hour consistently)"

-April F. from California 

Your comfort is the most important thing.

That's why we make your purchase easy and risk-free.

  • 60-day money back return policy
  • Free shipping
  • Free returns
  • Hard case & cleaning cloth

Know what you're getting. Get to know Axon Optics.


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  4. Lens spectrum measured on 08/02/21 on BPI Spectrometer. Charts below.

Lens Spectrum Comparison

Y axis – light transmission 

X axis – light wavelength  

Spectrum measured on 08/02/20 on BPI Spectrometer



Axon reduces the blue and amber wavelengths which have been shown to reduce the symptoms of migraine and photophobia.

Green light has been shown to be beneficial to migraineurs which is why green therapeutic lights are now on the market.


Screenshot (90)
Screenshot (91)


Screenshot (92)
Screenshot (93)


Screenshot (94)
Screenshot (95)


Screenshot (96)
Screenshot (97)


Screenshot (98)
Screenshot (99)

Lens Reflectance Comparison

Glass reflects light. Light can reflect painful light off the backside of lenses into your eyes. Axon Optics has premium anti-reflective coatings to reduce the reflectance into your eyes.

Amazingly, some blue light blockers reflect 8-20% of blue light off the backside lens into your eyes!

Others reflect 3% of the light. Axon Optics reflects less than 0.2% of the light! Get protection from light with Axon Optics.

Screenshot (100)
Screenshot - 2021-11-02T153554.127