Axon Optics vs Theraspecs®

See why people with light sensitivity and migraine choose Axon Optics eyewear.

Axon Optics have less lens discoloration than Theraspecs.

Axon has less discoloration than Theraspecs

See the difference? Axon Optics lenses have a much lighter hue than Theraspecs. This means colors look less distorted for you. It also means the people around you see less distortion when they look at you.

Which lens would you rather wear?

"After reading up on each one I decided on Axon optics because they are the original migraine glasses, the tint isn’t as dark/orange, and the shape of the glasses will suit me better."

-Angela from Michigan

Axon lenses reflect less painful glare into your eyes.

Axon lenses reflects less light than Theraspecs into your eye

Hate it when fluorescent light reflects off your glasses into your eyes? It can be a literal pain!

You shouldn't have to deal with light sensitivity lenses actually reflecting painful light back at you. Axon Optics reflects less than 0.2% percent of the light due to our advanced, premium anti-glare coatings.

This is 18x times less glare than Theraspecs.

Axon lenses reduce the bad light and let 2.5x more good light pass through.

Axon lets more good light in than theraspecs

It's been shown that blue and amber¹ light are the big offenders for people with light sensitivity.

We also know that green light actually helps reduce photophobia and headache severity.²

Theraspecs lenses block 80% of green light.³ Why block light that could help you?

“I’d like to say thank you to Axon Optics for the new [frames] that I just received. I put them on and got immediate relief from my light sensitivity.

I’ve been wearing Theraspecs Glasses for a while and the difference between the two are night and day thank you once more for this wonderful product.”

-Jerry from Virginia

Axon’s lens helps you reduce the troublesome light, while and letting the feel-good light in.

Darker isn't better. In fact, it could make things worse.

I tried Theraspecs and returned them. The latter glasses were too dark and I could not see clearly”

–Darlene from New York

Axon lets more light pass through than theraspecs

Axon lenses have a lighter hue, which could actually help you avoid becoming more light sensitive.

Wearing dark lenses indoors can make your light sensitivity worse.⁴ Think about when you walk outside after watching a matinee movie – the sun feels extra bright because you've been sitting in the dark. Ouch!

Axon lenses let more good light pass through than Theraspecs, which helps you avoid becoming more light sensitive.

I’ve tried other brands of [lenses] to help with my photophobia, migraines, and cyber sickness. So far, the Axon Optics are the best. The lighter shade of indoor lenses work better for me because the darker orange gives me eyestrain in addition to the above afflictions, and who needs that?”

–Linda from Mississippi

Axon Optics is the original

Axon Optics has pioneered lenses for migraine and light sensitivity, but we don't stop there. Our updated science, our ongoing research, and our ties to the medical community make all the difference.


Founding Scientific Team

In 2011, Axon was founded by Dr. Bradley Katz, a neuro-ophthalmologist and photosensitivity scientist at the world-renowned Moran Eye Center at the University of Utah Hospital and Dr. Steve Blair, a photonics researcher at the University of Utah.


Ongoing Research

Over the last decade, our founders have published many academic articles on light sensitivity and migraine.⁵ Dr. Katz has treated thousands of photosensitive patients.


Ongoing Development

The continuing research and guidance of our expert founders helps us continue to refine our lenses. We do everything we do to improve the lives of people with light sensitivity and migraine.

“I looked up reviews on both Axon and Theraspecs…and ultimately chose Axon due to its Moran Eye Center connection.”

-Karen from Montana

Axon funds new technologies to improve your migraine-fighting tools.

Axon funds new technologies

Because we use some of our profits to fund research, we've been able to create cutting-edge advancements. These include light-adaptive lenses for light sensitivity, and contact lenses with the same light-blocking precision tint of our lenses. We're the only company in the world with this technology.

Insist on the best in light sensitivity lenses

High-quality, high fashion frames


Many generic FL-41 lenses come with cheap “gas station” frames. Axon Optics will never sell these. We’re obsessed with providing you with sturdy, comfortable, and lightweight frames that match the quality of our lenses.

Oh, and they look great on you, too!

“I really like both [the indoor] and the sunglasses version. I think they help. They’re much more stylish than any of the Theraspecs.”

-Naomi from Colorado

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Lens Spectrum Comparison

Y axis – light transmission 

X axis – light wavelength  

Spectrum measured on 08/02/20 on BPI Spectrometer



Axon reduces the blue and orange wavelengths which have been shown to reduce the symptoms of migraine and photophobia.

Green light has been shown to be beneficial to migraineurs which is why green therapeutic lights are now on the market.



Theraspecs reduces the blue light, but at a much higher ratio than the orange. 

The majority of green light is blocked with these lenses.  

Lens Reflectance Comparison

Glass reflects light. Light can reflect off the backside of lenses into your eyes causing problems.  Axon Optics has premium anti-reflective coatings to reduce the reflectance into your eyes. Axon Optics reflects less than 0.2% of the light into your eyes.  Theraspecs is 3.4%.

Axon vs Theraspecs Reflectance Comparison

Axon Founder Publications on Light Sensitivity and Migraine