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Everything About Photophobia
Photophobia is a term that indicates that someone is abnormally sensitive to lights that don’t seem to bother other people. They try to avoid light by wearing dark glasses or avoiding places with bright lighting.  Here you will find articles about methods of relief for photophobia (also known as light sensitivity).

The simplest way to reduce photophobia symptoms is to block out the light, but this isn’t always the most practical option considering no one wants to spend their days locked in a dark room. Glasses for photophobia, however, only block out the light responsible for triggering migraines.  The rest of the light is allowed through, helping you go on living your life as close to normal as possible.

Light sensitivity might not be entirely curable, but finding the best natural treatments that work for you will allow you to do the daily activities that you want to do, without fearing the bright lights.

Here, we will share and discuss many topics related to causes and treatments of photophobia and light sensitivity.

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