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Migraine Relief Through Natural Treatments

Drugs aren’t the only treatment option to ease or prevent your migraine attacks. A number of natural remedies for migraine headaches have been shown to be effective in research studies. In this section we’ll help you determine the best natural treatment options according to the specific type of migraine headaches you’re suffering from. We’ll also explain the pros and cons of various natural treatments for migraines.

Some of the most popular natural migraine treatments include dietary treatments, exercise relaxation, vitamins, and supplements. However, the natural treatment you choose should be designed to address the specific root cause or triggers unique to your migraine headaches.

For example, for several types of migraines including ocular migraines, optical migraines, ophthalmic migraines, basilar migraines, and aura migraines, a natural method of treatment is to wear migraine glasses with a specific lens designed to address the underlying light sensitivity and eye strain that can lead to migraine headaches developing. Read below to better understand how Axon’s glasses for migraine sufferers compare to other natural treatment options, and how to understand which treatment is right for your headache.

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