Is there a difference between Optical Migraine and Ocular Migraine?

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Is there a difference between Optical Migraine and Ocular Migraine?


Optical Migraine and Ocular Migraine

Optical Migraine and Ocular MigraineOptical migraine and Ocular migraine are terms that most physicians no longer use. The reason for not using these terms is that they can mean different things to different people. To some they mean eye pain in someone with migraines. To others, they mean the visual disturbance, or “aura” that sometimes precedes a headache. To others, they mean a visual disturbance that occurs in the absence of a headache in someone who suffers from migraine. For more information on these phenomena, see our blog post, “Migraine Eye Symptoms”.
Eye pain in someone with migraine is more precisely termed, “migrainous eye pain”. The visual disturbances that sometimes precede a migraine headache are termed, “migraine auras” and migrainous visual disturbances that occur in the absence of a headache are termed, “migraine aura without headache”.


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