FL-41 Glasses for Photophobia Relief

Glasses with the FL-41 tint provide easy, natural relief for photophobia. As you know, photophobia can lead to migraines and other light-sensitive conditions that interrupt your life.

FL-41 tint filters out specific wavelengths of light that tend to trigger migraines and aggravate light sensitivity. These glasses are sometimes referred to as light sensitivity glasses or migraine glasses.

Our company was co-founded by a leading neuro-ophthalmologist who pioneered many of the original FL-41 studies. Under his leadership, Axon Optics has studied, tested, and upgraded the original FL-41 to create a superior lens that you can only get from us.

You’ll feel relief or we’ll refund your money.*


Why Users Love Our Glasses


3 Generations wearing Axon

"So I wear the glasses for my migraines (sunglasses, regular and magnifying). Grandma and Mom use them for their light sensitivity. Mom and grandma also love the fit they get when wearing these over their current prescription glasses. I am so happy I found this kind of relief for all of us!" - Julie W.

Young girl wearing fl-41 testimonial

Fashionable and protective

"I really like these frames, they’re very fashionable and perfect for younger women. I also like how they are lightweight so they don’t contribute to more headaches...They’re perfect for running errands under fluorescent lights and on overcast days. " - Leila C.

Customer wearing fl-41 for light sensitivity

11/10 would do it again

"It's been great. The glasses fit perfectly and I love that they're so lightweight. Not only am I very happy with the benefits of wearing them but I've also gotten a lot of compliments about the look. Overall very happy and very glad I decided to finally buy them." - Ellen S.

Can FL-41 Glasses Really Help Me?

Clinically-validated data collected over many years shows you’re very likely to get relief from our precision-tinted glasses. Here are just a few of highlights from that data.

2x Improvement in Light Sensitivity

One study analyzed how FL-41 lenses affect patients with blepharospasm (BEB), a condition commonly associated with light sensitivity. Wearing our lenses, patients saw a dramatic 2x better improvement in the severity of their light sensitivity, when compared to wearing the grey lenses typically used in sunglasses.

From 6 to 2 Headaches per Month

In another study conducted by researchers at the University of Birmingham, migraine patients who wore FL-41 lenses experienced a reduction in the number of migraine episodes — from over 6 per month to under 2 per month.

FL-41 Glasses Are Good, But Axon Optics Glasses Are Even Better

While FL-41 glasses can help with light sensitivity, studies have shown that quality and effectiveness vary widely among suppliers who claim to sell FL-41. You can read more about those differences here.

Buying glasses that claim to be FL-41 tint but look so much different from each other seems like kind of a gamble, doesn’t it?

With Axon Optics lenses, you’ll know exactly what you’re getting. Every pair of our glasses is made with the same exacting process. And in a clinically-validated survey, Axon Optics customers reported these results after wearing our glasses:


40% decrease in light sensitivity impact


33% fewer migraine days


85% of users reduce impact of headache and light sensitivity

This data clearly shows that Axon Optics’ proprietary lenses help people with light sensitivity by:

  • Block the harmful light
  • Letting in more good light
  • Offering coatings with over 18 layers for quality and better effectiveness

Fewer headaches

Less impact on your life

Decreased light sensitivity

Are FL-41 Glasses Better Than Blue Blockers?

Yes, because blue blockers aren’t actually made for photophobia. If you want to know more, check out this article for a deeper analysis. In a nutshell, studies show that blue blockers don’t block the wavelengths of light that usually bother people with photophobia.

So while blue blockers might block some blue light, they don’t block enough of the right blue light and other types of light that actually cause the problem.

Buying glasses that claim to be FL-41 tint but look so much different from each other seems like kind of a gamble, doesn’t it?


We ship internationally. Non-prescription glasses usually ship within 48 hours. Prescription glasses will take a bit longer to process.

For returns, we provide a prepaid mailing label. Begin the return process by emailing [email protected]

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