FL-41 Tinted Glasses

The Lenses That Could Change Your Life

Axon Optic's Spectrashield FL-41 Glasses block the light that has been implicated in triggering migraines & light sensitivity.

fl-41 tinted glasses therapeutic lenses

Axon Optics created Spectrashield FL-41 glasses

to provide natural relief to those who suffer from migraine headaches and general light sensitivity. The FL-41 lenses have been shown to block the light known to exacerbate migraines so that users can enjoy time outdoors and be around bright lights without suffering from migraine symptoms. 

What are FL-41 Glasses

SpectraShield™ FL-41 lenses are a rose colored light filter that has been found to be useful in patients with migraine headaches and other light-sensitive conditions.  Some of the leading research on light sensitivity is being led by neuro-ophthalmologist and one of the founders of Axon Optics, Dr. Bradley Katz, out of the Moran Eye Institute at the University of Utah.  This ground breaking research has re-introduced many light sensitive sufferers back to their own lives.  Dr. Katz is actively involved in continuing research on light sensitivity and FL-41.

What is FL-41

Axon Optic’s Spectrashield FL-41 is a specially designed rose colored lens that blocks the light that has been show to trigger and aggravate migraines and other light sensitive conditions. The FL-41 lenses can be applied to most type of eyegalsses (both prescription and non-prescription) and the company recently released FL-41 contact lenses.

Tinted Lenses for Multiple Applications

Those who have light sensitivity and migraines may find that our FL-41 tinted glasses can make a tremendous difference – particularly for bright lights, fluorescent lights, and sunlight.

Natural Migraine Treatment

Many migraine sufferers take preventative medications to treat their migraines, but this may result in rebound headaches. Axon’s FL-41 glasses are one of the most effective natural remedy for people who are sensitive to light.

Study Results

Studies have shown that those who wear FL-41 glasses see the number of migraine incidents drop from over 6 episodes per month to under 2 episodes per month

What are FL-41 Glasses

Axon Optics created SpectraShield™ FL-41 glasses to provide a natural migraine relief to those who suffer from migraines and other light sensitive illnesses.  These migraine glasses block out the harsh light which has been shown to trigger migraine headaches.  Wearing FL-41 tinted lenses can reduce both the frequency and severity of migraines.  FL-41 tint can be applied to just about any lens so you can find migraine relief simply by putting on your favorite pair of glasses.  When you order a pair of Axon Optics glasses, rest assured they will come our a state of the art, proprietary FL-41 lenses. 

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What is FL-41

Axon Optic’s Spectrashield FL-41 is a specially designed rose colored lens that blocks the light that has been show to trigger and aggravate migraines and other light sensitive conditions. The FL-41 lenses can be applied to most type of eyegalsses (both prescription and non-prescription) and the company recently released FL-41 contact lenses.

Tinted Lenses for Multiple Applications

Those who have light sensitivity and migraines may find that our FL-41 tinted glasses can make a tremendous difference – particularly for bright lights, fluorescent lights, and sunlight.

Natural Migraine Treatment

Many migraine sufferers take preventative medications to treat their migraines, but this may result in rebound headaches. Axon’s FL-41 glasses are one of the most effective natural remedy for people who are sensitive to light.

Study Results

Studies have shown that those who wear FL-41 glasses see the number of migraine incidents drop from over 6 episodes per month to under 2 episodes per month


Benefits of FL-41 Tinted Glasses by Axon Optics

What Our Users Say

Having now made two orders from Axon Optics, their customer service surpassed my expectations. Axon always kept me up to date with my orders and were very helpful answering my questions. I highly recommend them!

Justyna Horodyska

The tinted contacts have enabled me to work in fluorescent light, despite having light sensitivity. They are extremely effective and so comfortable. I have worn my first pair for a full year and they've been fantastic!

Nancy T

The first time I put on my glasses the relief was nearly instantaneous. I was happily amazed and thankful that there was something that could correct my photophobia.


I have the indoor tint. I get 2 to 4 migraines a week and these glasses have made it easier for me to function in fluorescent light or bright natural light.

Melissa H

I used to have a headache pretty much every Sunday/Monday from the fluorescent lights and from glare reflecting off doors and windows at church. Sometimes I started hurting within the first few minutes of arriving. Wearing these glasses protects my eyes, and now I come home feeling much better than I used to.


Very helpful. I've suffered from light sensitivity for five years. It wasn't a cure but rather, it is one more tool for me to use to protect my eyes. Also, they are very well made.


FL-41 Articles

Attending Retreat Migraine and Migraine World Summit

Recently, people with migraine have had some excellent opportunities to learn and connect. This past weekend (April 12-14) Nicole I attended Retreat Migraine, the first patient-focused conference for migraine. One of my favorite sessions was led by Dr. Melissa Geraghty and Jaime Sanders, aka the MigraineDiva. They spoke on migraine and mental health. Jaime shared [...]
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Stories of Relief: Axon Optics User Laura Tietz

At Axon Optics, we’re big on science. You’ve probably read about it here on our website (if not, look here to learn more). To make a long story short, clinical studies have proven the value of our migraine glasses in filtering out offending light to lessen the effects of photophobia — not the least of [...]

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Fun fact. Women are more prone to migraines than men. And here’s why. Women are three times more likely to suffer from migraines than men. It’s clear: women are more prone to migraines, but it’s less certain why. There are five main areas that researchers are studying to better understand the link between migraines and [...]

Stories of Relief: Axon Optics User Celeste Cooper

At Axon Optics, we’re big on science. You’ve probably read about it here on our website (if not, look here to learn more). To make a long story short, clinical studies have proven the value of our migraine glasses in filtering out offending light to lessen the effects of photophobia — not the least of [...]

2018 #MyMigraineStory Scholarship Contest Winners Announced

They say everyone has at least one story in them. Have you ever thought about what yours might be? We asked migraineurs to tell us their story – their migraine story – for our annual #MyMigraineStory scholarship contest. And the responses just kept rolling in. Students shared their migraine stories in the form of visual [...]

Waking Up with a Migraine? 5 Possible Reasons Why

Experiencing migraine can really ruin your day. The searing pain that it causes leaves you mentally and physically impaired. It can bring your life to a screeching halt and keep you from doing the things you enjoy like spending time with family and friends. Sadly, waking up with a migraine is not that uncommon. Migraine and [...]

Holiday Migraine Survival Guide

The holidays are a fun time filled with our favorite three F’s: Family, friends, and food. And while these are all tons of fun, it’s easy to get off track with your migraine prevention plan. Tis the season for migraine trigger overload. Stress, fatigue, trigger foods, and free flowing alcohol can all lead to a [...]
Axon Migraine Supplement Drink Mix In a Bottle

Free Migraine Supplement Gift While Supplies Last for Black Friday

It is the Black Friday Sale!  Now you can get 20% off your entire shopping cart, free shipping AND a free Migraine Supplement Gift while supplies last.  Just use the discount code:  EVERYTHINGONSALE and we’ll ship you a free supplement when you buy Axon glasses. Axon Relief Migraine Supplement Drink Mix is formulated with ingredients [...]

How Do I Know if I’m Having a Migraine?

“How do I know if I’m having a migraine?” As it turns out, you won’t have to think about it for long. In fact, a study published by the National Institutes of Health found that answering just 3 quick questions can help you determine with 95% accuracy whether you’re having a migraine. Take the quick [...]

6 Ways to Block Fluorescent Lights at Work – and 1 Way Not To

Does fluorescent lighting make you feel a little…uncomfortable? Here’s how to block fluorescent lights at work. If the fluorescent lights in your office cause you discomfort, you may have photophobia, or light sensitivity. You might find yourself blinking excessively or squinting to try and filter out some of that light. Maybe your eyes begin to [...]

Take the Headache Impact Test (HIT-6™)

Take the Headache Impact Test (HIT-6™) This questionnaire was designed to help you describe and communicate the way you feel and what you cannot do because of headaches.  It is a clinically validated tool used to determine how severe your headaches are and assess the impact they’re having on your life.   After you complete [...]
Axon Migraine Supplement Drink Mix In a Bottle

New Migraine Supplement Could Mean More Pain Free Days

One of the biggest treatment barriers that people with migraines face is cost. Medication for migraine has a reputation for being expensive and for having a number of unpleasant side effects. Because of these and other reasons, many people are turning to nutraceuticals to treat their migraines. A new migraine supplement, Axon Relief, combines several [...]

Migraine and Mental Health: What You Need to Know

You need to know a hidden fact about your migraine.  It’s something that is rarely discussed openly. It’s alarming. It’s heartbreaking. More than 20% of people that suffer from migraine have thought about suicide.  Twenty percent! Moreover, more than half of your loved ones with migraine experienced depression according to the Migraine and Mental Health [...]

Understanding Blood Pressure Migraine and Headache

It’s called the silent killer. You may have it and not even know it. Researchers estimate that 1 in 3 adults in the United States have it and only about half of those people have it under control. This silent killer often has no symptoms. That’s what makes it so dangerous. For some people, though, [...]

Ocular Migraine:  What You Should Know

Many people are surprised to learn that there is more than one type of migraine. Typically, the throbbing, insistent pain that’s characteristic of most migraine events is what comes to mind. However,  a relatively small portion of migraine sufferers – about one out of every 200 – will experience visual symptoms without headache. This is [...]

Does Medicare Cover Migraine Treatment?

Medicare has been our nation’s health insurance program for seniors since 1965. According to the National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare, it covers more than 56 million people in the United States, . This includes some people under 65 who are on Social Security disability income. But does Medicare cover migraine? Originally, Medicare [...]

Migraine and Stroke: Separating Fact from Fiction

On our Instagram, a friend said, “I just had a migraine yesterday and I lost all the feeling in my right hand, my lower lip, and tongue. Scared me to death honestly.”  Another said she just lost all her ability to speak as and lost feeling on the left side of her body. Is this a [...]
medication for basilar migraine

Rebound Migraine: Understanding Medication Overuse Headaches

If you are like most migraine sufferers, an attack occurs once or twice a month.  It is the awful. However, for some of you, this once or twice a month transforms into fifteen or more a month. You somehow are able to move forward despite the pain.  You take medication to control the attacks and [...]

Restless Night? Sleeping Tips For People With Migraine at Night

Why are you still up? Oh, that’s right. You have a blinding headache that won’t let you rest. A migraine at night is the worst, isn’t it? Don’t worry; you’re not alone. There’s millions of people out there that have the same problem you do, and all they want to do is a get some [...]

Living with Light Sensitivity Anxiety

Light sensitivity or photophobia is known to cause discomfort and even migraine attacks. But did you know light sensitivity anxiety is also a problem for many who suffer from photophobia? If you suffer from anxiety related to light sensitivity, you’re not alone. As Jen writes, “I have lived my entire life with light sensitivity, otherwise [...]

Migraine Medication Assistance: Resources to Help You get Your Prescriptions

Why does migraine medication have to be so expensive? Many migraine patients struggle to afford their medication and care. One study found that people with chronic migraine pay an average of $145 per month for healthcare while those who don’t have migraine pay an average of $89 per month. There is a significant need for migraine medication [...]

Foods that Trigger Migraine

Migraines can be caused by a variety of factors, but food is a fairly common trigger. The challenge is there are no absolutes that apply across the board. Several foods that are common triggers still vary from person to person when it comes to how or even if they are affected. What doesn’t faze one [...]

Sinus Migraine: When Sinus Pain is More than a Headache

You have a headache. It extends over your eye and you have pressure in your face Your nose even runs a little. You take some Sudafed or ibuprofen, tell everyone you have a sinus headache or even a sinus migraine, and lay down for a while. Two or three hours later you are better. You [...]

Migraine Contact Lenses: Colorful Contacts for Light Sensitivity and Migraine Relief

There was a time when therapeutic tinted lenses for light sensitivity were only available as glasses. Thanks to exciting developments at Axon Optics, that is no longer the case. Migraine contact lenses are available through the Axon Optics website and the positive testimonials are pouring in as customers say they bring much needed relief to [...]

Intractable Migraine: A Definitive Guide

Status migrainosus, or intractable migraine, is a persistent, debilitating migraine without aura that significantly affects a person’s ability to function. Even when they take steps to control triggers and make deliberate lifestyle changes, it is still a major impact on their quality of life. They are typically marked by a lack of response to the [...]

Preventing Cold Weather Migraines

I am here to tell you, cold weather migraines are no fun. With winter in full swing you might find that you are experiencing increased migraine activity. Many migraineurs report a spike in their migraine frequency when the weather turns chilly. The cooler temperatures are often a culprit, but certain things we do when it [...]

2017 #MyMigraineStory Scholarship: Congratulations K. Higuchi of OU

No two migraines are the same and every migraineur has their own migraine story. This was the premise behind Axon Optic’s My Migraine Story Scholarship Program. This year we had more than one hundred entries. There were so many inspiring stories in a number of different mediums. Some entrants wrote their stories, others recorded them [...]

The Complete Abdominal Migraine Guide

Abdominal migraine is a rare condition that primarily affects children but can very rarely affect adults. It is commonly stated that around 10% of children between the ages of 5 and 15 suffer from abdominal migraines, but other studies show that number to be a little over 4% are affected. However, in Europe, the diagnosis [...]
Herbal and other natural migraine remedies are very effective

Natural Migraine Remedies: A Comprehensive Guide

Rising costs of migraine medication, coupled with increasing instances of side effects from drugs are driving many people to seek alternative, more natural, healthier treatments for their migraines. People have been using natural remedies for centuries. Ancient Chinese and Egyptian cultures used natural remedies to treat a wide variety of ailments. Many are still used today [...]
Migraine Podcast on Light Sensitivity with Dr. Brad Katz

Four Ways to Cope When Light Causes Problems | Podcast with Dr. Katz and MigraineAgain

Neuro-Ophthalmologist and founder of Axon Optics, Dr. Bradley Katz, recently participated in a podcast with MigraineAgain’s Paula Dumas.  He discusses four ways to cope when light causes problems.  Please click here to listen to the podcast: 003: The Dangers of Hiding in the Dark with Dr. Bradley Katz

25 Funny Migraine Tweets That Will Make You Smile

When it comes to migraines, there’s plenty to be negative about, so when you can find a way to smile in spite of the pain, well, that’s really something. These funny migraine tweets are sure to bring a smile to your face- and maybe a chuckle or two. Enjoy! 1. That feeling when… 2. Because [...]
Woman in bed with basilar migraine

The Definitive Guide to Basilar Migraines

Basilar migraines are rather rare and although they are extremely painful, they are also fairly short. Generally, a basilar migraine will last about an hour, but more severe attacks may last several hours. If you have basilar migraines, this guide will help you better understand your condition. Axon Optics talked to Richard P. Kraig, Ph.D., [...]
migraine release surgery

Migraine Release Surgery

In some cases where migraines are particularly severe or frequent, the patient may opt for migraine release surgery. Manish H. Shah, MD, FACS, of Shah Aesthetic Surgery in Denver, Colorado, performs migraine release surgery, a procedure that is used to decrease pressure on sensory nerve fibers located between the eyes, in the temples, at the top [...]

Light Sensitivity and the Solar Eclipse: Tips for Eye Safety

On August 21, 2017, millions of people from all over the world will descend upon a handful of cities across the United States to witness an event that doesn’t come along every day – the Great American Total Solar Eclipse. As the moon slowly passes in front of the sun, it will block out the [...]

Eyes Sensitive to Light and Watery? 5 Tips to Help You Cope

  There are a number of reasons why a person might have eyes sensitive to light and watery. Computer fatigue is a very common reason, allergies, certain medications, illnesses, and neurological conditions. Light sensitivity is also one of the most common complaints of people who get migraines. It is one of the top symptoms and [...]
migraine medication spilling out of a bottle

What migraine medications are available to me? (and how well do they work?)

  The question of whether or not migraine medications work is a long running debate. Most are expensive and few are very effective. It is estimated that around 12% of the population suffers from migraine headaches and many have 4 or more migraines a month. They tend to be more prevalent in women. Researchers estimate [...]
Woman Wearing Indoor Sunglasses

Do Indoor Sunglasses for Light Sensitivity Really Work?

Indoor Sunglasses Indoor Sunglasses? You must be a rock star trying to look cool, right? 🤟 This is probably what someone would say if you are sporting a pair of sunglasses inside. 🕶 However, we know you’re not trying to be a rockstar, you’re seeking relief from fluorescent lighting, the glare from computer screens, and the [...]

Real Migraine Stories: Thanks from a doctor on Twitter

Can’t say enough about my Fl-41’s @NIH @AxonOptics @amfmigraine #photophobia #NationalSelfieDay pic.twitter.com/WavZUOjJzM — Dr. Rachel McDonald (@rachel7mcdonald) June 21, 2017

What Movie Title Describes Your Migraine Pain?

Migraine pain is no joke, but sometimes it helps to view our difficulties with a touch of humor. After all, laughter is the best medicine, right? Over on our Facebook page (if you aren’t following us on Facebook, you’re missing out!) we asked our fans to tell us what movie title best describes their migraines. Their [...]

Are Blue Eyes Sensitive to Light?

Are blue eyes sensitive to light? Or aren’t they? Doctors and researchers have been grappling with this question for years, leaving the medical community somewhat divided. On one side, there are qualified doctors who say yes, light or blue eyes are more sensitive to light. On the other side, there are equally qualified doctors who [...]

Hemiplegic Migraine Guide

A Hemiplegic migraine is one of the more severe migraine with aura types. It is also one of the more frightening types of migraine. Its symptoms strongly resemble those of a stroke and this can be terrifying for patients who don’t know what is happening. However, even for those who know what is happening to [...]

Do I Need a Migraine Specialist? How do I Find One?

When you are suffering from chronic migraines you want answers. Even more importantly, you want solutions that give you relief. A migraine specialist may be just what you need. If you are thinking about seeking a migraine specialist to treat your migraines, there are two things you should know:      A migraine is not [...]
7 benefits of migraine glasses

7 Benefits of Migraine Glasses

If you have migraines, especially when accompanied with visual sensitivity that includes photophobia, you may benefit from migraine glasses (precision tinted lenses). A study by the Visual Perception Unit, University of Essex, Colchester, and Institute of Optometry, London, UK, suggested that precision tinted lenses helped reduce symptom frequency in people who experienced migraines with visual sensitivity. [...]
Visual Snow Header

Visual Snow Guide

Everything You Wanted to Know About Visual Snow  “I first became aware of seeing visual snow around 10-11 years of age (I’m now 47, and it’s never gone away). As far as I know, I’ve always seen visual snow (although for decades, I didn’t know that it had an actual name). In fact, when I say [...]

New Axon Optics Office

We moved! In the fall of 2016 we realized that we could improve our service to customers by fulfilling our own inventory.  So we decided to move away from a third party fulfillment center and into our own office and warehouse space.  Aside from a few hiccups during the first week of January when we were [...]

The Headache Diary: Track Your Triggers for Better Migraine Prevention

Have you been keeping track of your migraines with a headache diary or app? You should be. Here’s why. When you visit a doctor or migraine specialist, one of the first questions they’ll ask is about patterns in your attacks. When do they occur? Have you noticed any potential triggers? Perhaps your migraines are related [...]
Fluorescent lights on the ceiling

Real Migraine Stories: Fluorescent Light Migraine Relief

Chelsea guest posts about big box stores, light sensitivity, bright lights and fluorescent light migraines.  Fluorescent lights present particularly challenging situations to migraineurs.  Below Chelsea describes one option that may provide fluorescent light migraine relief. 10/17/2016 I have been sensitive to light for a long time now. I also have chronic migraines. The two seem [...]

What Does a Migraine Feel Like?

People that don’t have migraines or people trying to understand if they have a migraine may ask, “What does a migraine feel like?”  We compiled answers to this question from a doctor, artists, and students with migraine to help explain how a migraine feels. The Doctor’s Perspective on What a Migraine Feels Like Just about [...]

Real Migraine Stories: “I have lived my entire life with light sensitivity”

The following is a post by jen @craftymomof3: I have lived my entire life with light sensitivity, otherwise known as photophobia.  As a young child I was called a bat because I couldn’t handle light and was much happier in the dark or dusk. Besides the intermittent, unpredictable pain I have on a daily basis [...]
nerve cells and concept for Neurologic Diseases

This Study Suggests We’ve Discovered What Causes Migraines – At Last!

What Causes Migraines? While every person and every migraine is different, we do know what the common migraine triggers and symptoms are, like weather, food, stress, nausea and sensitivity to light and sounds, the latter actually being both a trigger and a symptom. What doctors and migraine sufferers haven’t been able to quite pinpoint yet [...]
Dna strand

A Team of Doctors Discovered This Link Between DNA and Migraines

Migraine is the third most prevalent illness in the world, and 12% of people suffer from migraines. Given this information, it’s should come as no surprise that DNA could play a critical role in causing a migraine headache. A research team, led together by Biomedical Innovation associate professor Dale Nyholt and QUT’s Institute of Health, discovered [...]
Image of MRI asking if an MRI can help diagnose migraine.

Can an MRI Scan Diagnose Your Migraine?

MRI scans are not used to diagnose migraines or tension headaches — but that may be changing.  Currently they can help physicians rule out possible medical conditions, like a brain tumor, an abscess, or fluid in the brain.  Now, a study out of the Mayo Clinic in Phoenix, AZ shows that a new MRI technique can accurately classify [...]
Migraine Trigger Foods - Chocolate

NIH Study Uncovers the Top Foods That Can Trigger Migraines

For people who suffer from migraines, different smells, changes in the weather, flickering lights and even certain foods can trigger a migraine headache. While there aren’t universal triggers, it’s not unusual for foods, drinks and food additives, like aspartame, to trigger headaches. A National Institute of Health (NIH) study cited that 12-60% of patients, varying [...]

Interview on Light Sensitivity, Migraine, and Glasses for Migraine

Dr. Bradley Katz was interviewed by an ABC news affiliate.  See what he has to say about migraine, light sensitivity, and migraine glasses. Want to learn more?  See some frequently asked questions that Dr Katz answers about the following topics: Migraine Migraine Treatment Migraine Causes Light Sensitivity
Migraines and Marijuana / Cannabis

Marijuana and Migraines: Who Knew?

For hundreds of years, people have used cannabis, or marijuana, for medicinal purposes. Physicians have recommended its use for treating and helping ease the pain in various diseases. Literature and scientific research suggests that medical cannabis and cannabinoids play therapeutic roles in certain chronic pain and headache disorders, including providing cluster headache and migraine relief. [...]
Literal gun trigger to represent migraine trigger

Researchers Expose Top Myths About Migraine Triggers

Many people around the world suffer from migraine—up to 1 billion worldwide. But how many of these people, you included, actually know exactly what triggers a migraine? Not nearly enough. Migraines are so diverse and frequently misunderstood that people often don’t know what can trigger them. This is partially to blame on the large number of different things [...]
Migraine can interact with other disorders - Web

Studies Show How Other Disorders Can Affect Migraines

There is a definite link between chronic migraine and mental health disorders according to a review of multiple studies on the subject in the Journal of Headache and Pain. People who suffer from chronic migraine oftentimes also suffer from anxiety, depression, or other psychiatric disorders. Knowing why this occurs and why certain people are more [...]

Managing Light Sensitivity in the Workplace

Migraines can be triggered by a number of external factors. As a migraine sufferer, you can reduce your likelihood of an attack by limiting your exposure to these triggers; but when it comes to controlling your surroundings that’s usually easier said than done. Controlling your environment is difficult in public settings, especially in the workplace. [...]
Math to represent hit-6 test for migraineurs

HIT-6 Questionnaire: How 2,049 People Described Their Migraines to Doctors

Migraines affect approximately 12 percent of the U.S. population. Despite their prevalence migraines may go undiagnosed and untreated. Migraines are as unique as the people they affect. Historically, chronic migraines have been difficult for physicians to diagnose due to the various types of headaches, triggers and a lack of reliable testing measures for assessing the disability [...]
Apps for tracking migraines

Top 5 Migraine Tracking Apps

  If you aren’t using a migraine app to track your migraines, stop what you are doing and download a migraine tracking app. Knowing what triggers your migraine is the first step to reducing the frequency of your migraine attacks. Which migraine tracking app is the best? While app store reviews are nice, having people [...]

How Well Do You Know Your Migraine Triggers?

For some people around the country, chronic migraines are a crippling reality.  What many people don’t know is what triggers these migraines.  Think you know common migraine triggers?  Take our quiz and find out!   Chronic migraines are a debilitating and frustrating reality for some people in the world.  Our commitment at Axon Optics is to [...]
Headache or migraine graphic comparing it to a mosquito vs shark bite

Headache or Migraine? How You Know the Difference

Many of us have experienced a headache at some point during our life and can recognize the signs and symptoms with ease. But, how do you determine if you’re dealing with a headache or a migraine? How do you tell if you’re suffering from a migraine?  The International Headache Society (IHS) publishes a classification guide that [...]

Think You’re Not Hypersensitive to Light? These 2 Studies Could Change Your Mind

Light sensitivity is one of the most common symptoms or “side effects” associated with migraines, yet many men and women who have migraines fail to recognize it. As a result, when asked if they experience light sensitivity, they tell their healthcare provider “no,” a response that can often delay diagnosis – and therefore, treatment – [...]

Attend The Migraine World Summit | Over 30 Migraine Experts | Free Online Event

Over 30 of the world’s most prestigious, knowledgeable, and talented specialists, doctors, and experts in headache and migraine will be taking part in The Migraine World Summit, a free online event from April 18-26, 2018. Register here. A few years ago, Axon’s very own Dr. Katz was a guest. This year, Dr. Kathleen Digre, also of the [...]

Preventing Migraine Eye Pain: The Role of Filtering Lenses

Eye pain is a common complaint among the 15.3% of Americans who suffer from migraine headaches, causing deep, throbbing pain that can be felt in or behind one or both eyes, or can even shift from one eye to the other. Many people who experience migraine eye pain wind up attributing their symptoms to eye [...]

Axon is Tubing in Park City

Enjoying the end of winter by tubing in Park City. Most of the time our team is thinking about migraines, light sensitivity, keeping up the website, fulfilling orders, and working on clinical studies.  However, every once in a while we are able to get out and play a little bit.  Yes, there are some actual [...]

Everything You Need to Know About Migraine Surgery

Migraine Surgery The disabling pain of migraine disrupts families, ruins social lives, and restricts career paths. Depending on the severity of the migraine, sufferers live in a world of pain with only occasional bouts of relief. It’s no way to live your life. Conventional medication helps many, along with lifestyle and pain management strategies. For [...]
Beehive start ups feature migraine glasses from Axon

Beehive Startups | See The World Through Rose-Colored Glasses

  See The World Through Rose-Colored Glasses Beehive Startups featured Axon Optics recently.  They somehow included vampires, ghosts, and orcs in an article about glasses for migraines and light sensitivity.  We like it:   “Photophobia (fear of light, that is, not fear of photos) sounds like the type of chronic condition a vampire would suffer from. [...]

Study Shows Light Triggers Migraine Pain Even in Blind Subjects

Optic Nerve Plays a Major Role in Migraine Pain At Axon Optics, we conduct clinical studies and keep an eye on studies regarding light and migraine.  The results of this particular study are rather striking when you see it for the first time – light can trigger migraine pain even in blind subjects.  Part of the [...]

Axon Optics Migraine Glasses on Product Hunt – SLC 2/25/16

  Axon Optics Migraine Glasses on Product Hunt Axon Optics Migraine Glasses will be featured at the Salt Lake City Product Hunt event on Thursday, February 22, 2016.  If you are our Utah neighbors come by and visit us and meet us in person. As part of the event, we posted our glasses to the [...]

How to Get Rid of a Migraine

How to Get Rid of a Migraine without Medication It’s nearly impossible to browse the Internet or read through a newspaper today and not see something about the dangers and side effects of medication. If you suffer from migraines, however, medication may be the only remedy that seems to offer any relief. As today’s consumer [...]

Webinar: Alternative Approaches to Migraine Treatment

Webinar: Alternative Approaches to Migraine Treatment In December of 2015, Dr Brad Katz and Carl Cincinnato from Migraine Pal hosted a Webinar about alternative approaches to migraine treatments with a particular focus on light sensitivity.  It was great to see attendees from all across the world chiming in on the presentation and asking questions.   We [...]

Mom, I just bought a bearded dragon with my birthday money!

Customer Testimonial from Axon Optics User By: Kim Lawson The princess is having a birthday. She went to the mall with her friends and took her birthday money with her. How excited she was to tell me she’d finally bought a bearded dragon! Well, this was exciting alright! I have NO idea how to care [...]
Art Deco photosensitivity glasses at the coffee shop

Frequently Asked Questions on Blepharospasm

FAQ on Blepharospasm – Answers by Dr. Katz, MD, PhD, of the Moran Eye Institute in Utah Q: What is blepharospasm? A: Blepharospasm is an uncontrollable blinking and squeezing of the eyelids that some people have. It’s a movement disorder. We’ve all probably seen people like that. They kind of have this uncontrollable squeezing and blinking, have [...]
Migraine Glasses and Light Sensitivity Glasses Hero Image

Frequently Asked Questions About Migraine Causes

FAQ on Migraine Causes – Answers by Dr. Katz, MD, PhD, of the Moran Eye Institute in Utah Let us start this post off by saying that migraine causes still remain unknown, however in the online community of migraine sufferers, the following are some frequently asked questions about migraine causes, predispositions to migraines, associated syndromes, and [...]
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Frequently Asked Questions About Migraine Treatment

FAQ on Migraine Treatment – Answers by Dr. Katz, MD, PhD, of the Moran Eye Institute at the University of Utah Medical Center     Q: Are migraines curable? A: Right now migraines are not curable. It’s a lifelong condition. People do tend to have fewer migraines as they get into their 60s and 70s, [...]

Frequently Asked Questions about Migraines

FAQ on Migraines – Answers by Dr. Katz, MD, PhD, of the Moran Eye Institute at the University of Utah Medical Center Q: When is a headache a migraine? A: So, differentiating migraines from other headache syndromes is really not that difficult to do. Almost all migraine headaches will be associated with some light sensitivity [...]
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Frequently Asked Questions About Light Sensitivity

FAQ on Light Sensitivity – Answered by Dr. Katz, MD, PhD, of the Moran Eye Institute at the University of Utah Medical Center   Q: What is light sensitivity? A: Everybody has a little light sensitivity. If you look at a light that’s too bright, like the Sun, it hurts, and that’s a protective mechanism [...]

Studying in the Fishbowls – Avoiding migraines at school.

I call them fishbowls. The 9 by 18 white tile rooms that library calls study rooms.  They’re fishbowls because they’re white walls on three sides with a forth wall of windows. When people walk by they can’t help but stare at you studying. It’s always awkward silent eye contact. I like them because they’re an [...]

Great for heightened photophobia, blogging, and salon visits

Before I had children I was a special education teacher.  The years after college; I was teaching, coaching, tutoring, and getting my Master’s degree.  That was all? ha. At this point my migraines became chronic and pretty much elevated to a new level. Stress, lack of sleep, noise levels and inconsistent diet triggered my migraines [...]

Why are doctor’s offices so bright?

“You aren’t nuts, Migraines hurt” with my Axon Optics glasses Today I went to see my neurologist per usual.  I was prepared and wore my Axon Optics glasses.  As I sat there and reached for a magazine I saw a coconut painted with the saying, “You aren’t nuts, Migraines hurt.” Well isn’t that the truth.  [...]

Adjusting Life around Light Sensitivity

[spb_text_block pb_margin_bottom=”no” pb_border_bottom=”no” width=”1/2″ el_position=”first”] Guest Post by Laura: Welcome to the club. If you’re on the Axon Optics website that probably means you (or someone you love) is walking through life currently with a sensitivity to light. And unfortunately, it probably means this sensitivity has a large impact on the day-to-day aspects of life. [...]

Axon Optics’ New FL-41 Contact Lenses

We now offer our 365-day Soft FL-41 Contacts in regular prescriptions as well as Toric versions for astigmatism!  Our labs can handle astigmatism prescriptions with cylindrical readings up to +2.75.  Above +2.75 is considered Bi-Toric, which we cannot process. Benefits of the Axon Optics FL-41 Contact Lenses Total peripheral light coverage.  No gaps above or below your [...]

Veterans: Get Axon Migraine Glasses at VAs Nationwide!

Migraine attacks? Sensitive to light? Just need a dark, quite dark room?  The majority of migraineurs are light sensitive.  Axon Optics develops eyewear that is shown to block the wavelengths of light that have been implicated in triggering migraine.   Our proprietary eyewear (i.e. migraine glasses or light sensitivity glasses) is available for free to Veterans through any [...]

The Connection Between Photophobia and Migraine

  Most people who have suffered the excruciating and persistent pain of migraines have noticed an increased sensitivity to light, often to the point where going into a dark room is the only way to alleviate the pain. That painful sensitivity may be more than a symptom — the light may be somewhat to blame [...]

Migraineur/Blogger of MoreThanAHeadache: Axon Optics lenses ‘Unbeatable’

Emily from MoreThanaHeadache: Photophobia is one of the key symptoms of a migraine. For a long time I didn’t have to deal with the severe vertigo and pain from the dimmest of lights. Now, I do. I’ve had tension headaches since I was 13 and now at 21 I experience full blown migraines a few [...]

Award-Winning Copywriter reviews our Cover-RX Migraine Sunglasses

by Award-winning Copywriter & Editor Robert Kaye The Cover-RX Migraine Sunglasses is a fairly high-end fitover sunglass frame designed to cover one’s normal glasses. Unless one has very large, plastic designer frames, this model will probably accommodate most pairs of prescription glasses. The frames are strong, yet comfortably light, and, with their side ports, are designed [...]

Photophobia and My Mundane Life

Photophobia and My Mundane Life By Kristopher Sveska Yesterday I did something truly amazing. For the first time in several years, I sat through an entire two hour movie. I felt no eye pain or rental burn characteristic of this weird photo oculodynia syndrome, (a.k.a. photophobia). I know watching the latest installment of the X-Men [...]

Light bulb dilemma: Shift to CFL lighting a concern

Originally posted in the Richmond-Times Dispatch. Posted Monday, February 6, 2012 by Tammie Smith When she goes outside, Lois Fay puts on two pairs of sunglasses and a hat to avoid too much exposure to light, which can bring on migraines and nausea. At home, she keeps the lights low. “In my house, I have to use a [...]

Light Sensitivity and Ocular Migraines

Light Sensitivity and Migraines Light from computer monitors, fluorescent lights, TV screens, and reflected glare may trigger migraine attacks. Recent research suggests a new pathway exists between the brain and the eye that does not produce vision but can trigger pain. The pathway begins at the back of the eye and travels through the optic [...]

Dystonia Sufferer Finds Relief with FL-41 Prescription Glasses

by Lori Raines, Founder of Neuronauts Dystonia Awareness and Advocacy Nonprofit Organization.  To learn more about Dystonia, please visit their website here. I KNEW I needed prescription glasses…. Again! The “amazing” Lasik surgery I had in 2007, almost three years before I developed blepharospasm and the sudden onset of a neuromuscular disorder called dystonia, went [...]

Dr. Green of Center for Headache and Pain Medicine on Migraine

This was a very interesting article interviewing Dr. Mark Green on migraine.  There is text, an audio interview, and a brief video.  You can view the original article here.  He talks about the genetic likelihood of having migraine, the causes of migraine, and the most sensible ways to treat migraine.  He mentions light sensitivity as [...]

Help! How can I tell if my Transitions have Axon Optics therapeutic tint?

Axon Optics uses Transitions Brand lenses in our optical lab.  Every pair is hand-tinted and so variation may occur.  These are very complex lenses with multiple functions.  These lenses can take up to a month for us to produce, as most are made-to-order according to your specifications.  They may include: UV Protection: All Axon Optics [...]
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Migraine Glasses Changed My LIFE!

Everyday by noon Ginger had a headache, sometimes migraine, nausea, and dizziness. When this happened it felt like her life was over.  Many people reach out to Axon with similar stories.  Simple everyday tasks are difficult, especially ones that would require a visit to places like big box stores with their painful fluorescent light. Fortunately, [...]

OUCH! Why do some colors HURT? Understanding the Visual Spectrum

Understanding the Visual Spectrum The visual spectrum, the wavelengths of light that the human eye can see, include long wavelength light (red) all the way through short wavelength light (blue). The visual spectrum includes all colors of the rainbow: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet. Red and orange have longer wavelengths and blue/indigo/violet have [...]

A Rosy Valentine’s Day

Are you currently logged into Facebook? If so, check out how this couple spent a sweet Valentine’s Day at the beach. Post by Axon Optics.

Is Exercise as Good as Medication at Relieving Migraine?

Relieving migraine: Exercise, relaxation, and medication found to be equally effective in reducing migraine headaches. Relieving migraines is important to almost everyone who has this condition. In this small study published in the peer-reviewed, headache journal Cephalgia, 91 migraine sufferers were randomized to 3 different groups: Exercise (40 minutes per day, 3 days per week) Relaxation [...]

EGP News Report: Over 3 Million Look to Hospitals for Headache Relief, Particularly for Migraines

3 Million… that’s a lot of ER visits!  Think about all the time, money, pain, and wasted energy that goes into those visits.   By EGP News Report October 6, 2011  Copyright © 2012 Eastern Group Publications, Inc.  Originally posted here: http://egpnews.com/2011/10/over-3-million-look-to-hospitals-for-headache-relief-particularly-for-migraines/ U.S. emergency rooms are full of people seeking relief from headaches, according to the latest [...]

Photophobia: Looking for Causes and Solutions (EyeNet Magazine Interview with Dr. Digre & Dr. Katz)

Photophobia: Looking for Causes and Solutions Originally published by EyeNet Magazine, the original article can be found here: http://www.aao.org/publications/eyenet/200511/neuro-ophthalmology.cfm By Marianne Doran, Contributing Writer, EyeNet Magazine Photophobia is a vexing problem for patients and physicians alike. Although extreme light sensitivity was first described in the 1930s, its origins and management remain elusive even today. But researchers at [...]

Migraine Headaches: Frequently Misdiagnosed

Migraine headaches are very common and affect about 18% of women and 9% of men at some point in their lives. However, this common illness is often misdiagnosed as “tension headache”, “sinus headache”, or allergy. Here are some of the characteristics of migraines that help differentiate them from other headache syndromes: Unilateral headache. A headache [...]

FL-41 Fluorescent Relief Glasses Styles – past and present

This gallery shows many of our designs, past and present, from our inception in 2011 through today. While many of these frames no longer exist, this historical gallery gives us the opportunity to explore the many possible combinatsionf of frames and tints.  Your personal style CAN exist with our tinted therapeutic FL-41 Lenses.  Just click ‘Gallery’ [...]

Dystonia: A neurological movement disorder

Many friends and members of our Axon Optics Family suffer from Dystonia. Dystonia is a neurological movement disorder, in which sustained muscle contractions cause twisting and repetitive movements or abnormal postures. Please help us raise awareness for Dystonia by sharing this video.  Thanks!  

Multi-Use Transitions versus Indoor Eyeglasses and Outdoor Sunglasses

I am often asked: “Which is better, a single pair of Transitions lenses, or to have a Pair of Indoor Lenses and a Pair of Outdoor Lenses, respectively? It’s about the same price, what should I choose?” Let’s compare the pros and cons of each option. A single pair of Transition Lenses: Some people would [...]


Post by Kate Ottinger.

Video: Are Axon Optics Photophobia Glasses Effective?

In This video, Dr. Bradley Katz discusses how and when Axon Optics glasses are effective. He talks about the technology and research behind this ground breaking method of treatment for mirgaines. Check out the video below: Check out Axon Optics Products Here

Axon Optics Migraine Tinted Glasses by Chicklette

This week I’ve had the privilege of trying out a new pair of migraine tinted glasses from Axon Optics. I LOVE THEM! I’ve been looking into getting a pair for a while now. So what took me so long to get them??? The right frames. I’m blind as a bat and have been wearing glasses [...]

Axon Optics & Migraine Discussions Drawing Winner joynpain2 reviews our lenses

It has been a while since I won a pair of sunglasses from Axon Optics and Michael Fernandez at MigraineDiscussions.com. This company makes glasses for migraine sufferers or for anyone with a sensitivity to light such as someone who is at a computer screen all day. I can’t really say anything about the indoor glasses [...]

A Review of Axon Optics Therapeutic Eyewear by Migrainista

SUNDAY, JULY 20, 2014 Originally published here:  http://migraine-ista.blogspot.com/2014/07/a-review-of-axon-optics-therapeutic.html Last month I was contacted by Axon Optics, with an opportunity to try a pair of what they are calling therapeutic eyewear. These are FL-41 tinted lenses that are designed specifically for people who are light sensitive, filtering out the wavelengths of light that are believed to [...]

Light Sensitivity Success

Today I awoke with a migraine but for some reason the light wasn’t bothering me…but why? It turns out I had worn my Axon Optics glasses to sleep. A well fitting pair of Wrap 7C’s on my face didn’t even disturb me as I rolled over. I was prepared to shield my eyes but oddly [...]

Surviving Chronic Pain

Guest post by a chronic pain sufferer. Hello!  I’m a content creator admin at the Surviving Chronic Pain Facebook community. I’m also the volunteer founder of the Migraineur Misfits communities on Facebook .  I’ve founded a few blogs and twitter accounts as well.  I create the memes for the “Pain Tree” Series album and the “Stop [...]

Health Activist Michael Fernandez Reviews the Wrap7c

Migraine Activist, Blogger, and Health Advocate Michael Fernandez of Migraine Discussions reviewed our Wrap7c frame. Hello everyone. As many readers might’ve noticed, one of the few products advertised for the purpose of reducing migraines successfully are these FL-41 tinted lenses. Luckily, Axon carries an ever-growing line of magnificent frames. In the past I’ve tried both [...]

Testimonial from British Columbia, Canada

Testimonial from British Columbia, Canada To Whom It May Concern, On strong sunny mornings the first thing I reach for are my Axon Optics.  They give me instant relief from the glare.  I had Cataract Surgery following which I developed astigmatism which resulted in severe sensitivity to bright light. On the recommendation of our top [...]

Into the Light and Into the Water! Axon Testimonial

By Michael Fernandez Today I used my tidal fit for the first time and as the people at Axon Optics would say “Stepped into the Light” for the first time in a long time. As you saw I posted about the installation of the pool over the past weekend and that was one big project, [...]

New Axon Optics FL-41 Contacts Review

By Michael Fernandez   Holy cow. They work folks! They actually work! At first I was having issues with these contact lenses being painful on the eyes but after a good ol soak in water for a minute then a 30 second shake they are great and could not be more comfortable. I couldn’t wear [...]

Step Into the Light

by Michael Fernandez Into the light I go for the first time in a long while I feel as if I were a child this is all new to me I haven’t done it in ages No wonder us headache disorder patients feel like we’re stuck in cages So please help me to determine today [...]

The Perfect Pair: Fit, Style, and Coverage

One of our longtime friends recently asked a great question.  I answer this question often, but I’ve never written the response in text.  She asked: ” I am looking to order a pair of glasses soon, but have never worn glasses other than generic sunglasses. What information will I need as far as frame size [...]

What’s The Difference between Computer Glasses and Readers?

Glasses are glasses are glasses, right? Well, not exactly. When it comes to computer glasses and readers, there are some pretty significant differences. It may be a little tough sometimes to figure out which you need at a given time. This brief guide will help you better understand your eyeglass options as well as when [...]

Ready-made and Custom Therapeutic tints for Photophobia Computer Glasses

Hi folks!  Virginia here.  Let’s talk about the different tint types. We regularly offer four tints on our website: indoor, outdoor, transitions, and polarized.  All of our tints are made with FL-41 and provide 100% UVA/UVB protection. Indoor lenses are great for office use, grocery stores, fluorescent lighting,reading, cooking, and any indoor activity.  Perfect for [...]

Axon Optics’ Mistral 7m Migraine Review

By Michael Fernandez of Migraine Discussions Hello folks, you’ve all seen me review multiple pairs of Axon Optics lenses and frames. I’ve even done comparisons for them with the typical glasses you get after surgery on your eyes called “solar shields” which I found are very cheaply made compared to Axons glasses. In fact I [...]

Serious Pain & Normalcy

By Michael Fernandez of www.migrainediscussions.com Right now I am in some real pain, thought you knew the beast and then it bites harder than ever and you learn something new.  You learn that sometimes you must learn to live with your pain and not without it because that may not be reality. Unfortunately sometimes it [...]

Polarization or Transitions with my Axon Optics Light Sensitivity Lens?

  Hi Axon Optics Readers!  Virginia here.  People get so excited about our lenses that they want to try everything.  All of our lenses have our superior blend of the therapeutic FL-41 tint, the only tint proven to help light-sensitivity and associated conditions.  All of our lenses have 100% UVA and UVB protection.  I recommend [...]

A Trip to the Park

Some of you may be familiar with the ITT Tech commercials, if you have seen them then you know how I feel about Axon Optics. I feel their glasses have helped my light sensitivity and improved my life just as much as the people in those commercials whose lives have been changed due to a [...]

Eyeglass weight list for allodynic sufferers of migraine, blepharospasm, and light sensitivity (photophobia)

Allodynia is a symptom of many other conditions in which the body overreacts painfully to normal stimulus.  For people with migraine, it can often make eyeglasses too heavy.  It can also make contact points (where the glasses touch you skin) seem unbearable.  I’m quite allodynic myself . The (sumatriptan) injection, a very common rescue medication, was [...]

The Walking Dead: Lady Migraine speaks on Michael of Migraine Discussions #MHAMBC

LadyMigraine is Elizabeth from Ohio, a chronic migraine and cluster headache sufferer, mom, partner and friend. Follow her blog (LadyMigraine.com) or on Twitter @headcase73.  The original posting of this article can be found here: http://ladymigraine.com/2014/06/12/the-walking-dead/ I haven’t been inspired by the AHMA Blog Challenge suggestions the last several days, but I have (obviously) been participating in [...]

CNN Health: Mysterious disorder a ‘life sentence’

It’s been just over a year since Lori’s article appeared on CNN.  CNN iReporter Lori Raines administers the Facebook page Neuronauts, a dystonia support group. She says raising awareness is the key to finding better treatments for the movement disorder and, eventually, a cure.   (CNN) — Lori Raines and her mother were hunting for [...]

Dystonia Awareness, Chronic Illness, and Blepharospasm Advocate Lori on Axon Optics Lenses

Hi, my name is Lori.  I have Generalized Dystonia and Blepharospasm. I also am glued to a screen of some sort for 8-10 hr days, as I am an advocate for dystonia awareness and am the Administrator for a large support group on Facebook. It’s not just the group which keeps me with my face [...]

10 Ways to Escape the Burden of a Hospital Stay

  Hospitals are typically not a joyful place to stay or visit.  I truly cannot believe I make it through some of my longer stays with all the noise, the complicated nature of my case, and the little sleep you tend to get as a migraineur in the hospital. Heck, anyone who is sensitive to [...]

TIME Magazine | Mentions Axon Optics

WOW! TIME Magazine’s Online Edition Mentions Axon Optics as one of five ‘weird’ migraine treatments. Weird? We’ll take it! Our tinted lenses are an innovative approach to the treatment of migraines and other light-sensitive chronic illnesses. Read the Article Here.

Chronic Illness Advocate, Journalist joins Axon Optics Team

  What more can I say? Today I got a phone call from the research team at Axon Optics. My dream came true.  I am now an official employee at Axon Optics.   Thank you, Axon Optics, for giving a chronically ill patient the chance to work from his computer both at the hospital and [...]

Order Times, Duties and Import Taxes for International Customers

Let’s imagine you are having a migraine. You’ve researched FL-41 Lenses, Natural Migraine Relief, Homeopathic Remedies, and Axon Optics. This time, your migraine is so severe that you decide to take a risk and try them out. You are relieved to see that we offer international shipping, and you place an order. Then, you wait. So, [...]

Frustration: The Face of Chronic Illness

  This is me.  I’m at Mt. Sinai Hospital in Manhattan’s Upper East Side.  I’m frustrated because I can’t find my friend Michael Fernandez.  I have the room number, but it was a utility room.  The receptionist/security guard was completely confused by my request.  He thought I was in the wrong building, or perhaps had [...]

The Amazing Transformation of Axon Optics Migraine and Light Sensitivity Transitions Lenses

Recently, I took all four of our tints outside to compare. It was a sunny winter day. There is no finer time to photograph our lenses, as flash and color correction affect the way our lenses look on camera.  The results were shocking: our transitions lenses are as light as our indoor tint when indoors, and dark [...]

I Love My Tinted Migraine Readers! They Stand Up to Florescent Lighting, Something Very Important to This Migraineur

Axon Optics has been a answer to a prayer for me. I have chronic daily migraine and would get a painful migraine every time I would go to any store, doctor’s appointments or even the ER, because of the bright florescent lighting that is commonplace these days. I remember reading years ago, about a migraine [...]

Chronic Migraines Stopped me from Going Almost Anywhere

I have lived with chronic migraine for over 25 years. They are very debilitating. One thing that I cannot handle, is being in florescent lighting. And it is nearly impossible to go anywhere at all thee days, and not come in contact with florescent lighting. Even Computer screens do a number on me. I have [...]

Here’s to a soothing 2014!

Have a Happy and Healthy 2014! We’re looking forward to another great year. Those of us at Axon Optics want to thank all of our customers and supporters for a fantastic 2013, and to let you know that Axon has a number of developments in store for 2014. Our motivation is to improve the lives [...]

An Axon Migraine Free Christmas

I’ve discovered there’s something more important than a closet full of shoes…it’s a drawer full of glasses. So far I have 6 pairs! Two of those are from Axon Optics with the special migraine tint. These are my most recent pair. They are absolutely amazing 🙂 When I got them in the mail it was [...]

Michael of Migraine Discussions Interviews Virginia

Recently, I had the privilege of being interviewed by Michael Fernandez, (Migraine Advocate, blogger, and founder of Migraine Discussions). Michael has been hard at work converting his advocacy blog into a full community for migraine sufferers.  We spoke for a full thirty minutes about our company background, the science behind our lenses, customization options, and the cost-effectivness [...]

Founder of Migraineur Misfits reviews Axon Optics’ wraparound frames

  The Founder of Migrainsur Misfits recently reviewed our indoor and outdoor lenses in our two main wraparound frames: The Wrap WGX and the Wrap 7C. She took an excellent photograph to visually compare the two frames and tints, with a description of each.   “Recently I decided to take a look at two types [...]

Chronic Migraine in America Survey 2013

The results are in from Migraine.com’s survey! 91.5% are light sensitive 90% go to a dark room for chronic migraine therapy 47.8% avoid medications due to cost Our lenses are an incredible deal when considering the cost of migraine medications and time lost from work.  One could argue that your free time is just as [...]

Long-Term Migraines and Light Sensitivity following a Brain Injury

Dear Axon Optics, Thirteen years ago I suffered a brain injury. One of the long-term effects of this injury has been frequent severe migraines and light sensitivity. If you have ever been a victim to a migraine you know just how painful and inconvenient they are. For me they are often incapacitating. The sensitivity to [...]

Migraine Discussions

Migraine Discussions founder/blogger/chronic migraineur Michael Fernandez wrote a great article on how to help with migraines.  There are days when the migraine is here, and isn’t going anywhere.  What are the best ways to cope? In this article, Michael reviews products that alleviate some of the symptoms. http://migrainediscussions.com/2013/09/26/migraines-the-little-things-in-life/

Lupus, Light Sensitivity, and Loving Tennis

Guest Post from Anne D: I sit here beyond words as I write this.  I had to give up my love of tennis because of the problems I had with the sun and fluorescent lighting.  I would develop terrible migraines but I would also break out in a terrible rash and my joints would hurt [...]

Turning 50: Not Downhill At All! Stopping the Light Sensitivity

Guest Post from Anne D: Most people can easily, without thought, leave their home for a walk, to run errands, exercise, pick up kids, etc.  Whatever the case may be, they don’t think where the sun is or what it may do to their eyes or face.  If you are “normal” why would you?  Well, [...]

Comparing Migraine Glasses Wraparounds: Wrap7C

The price of our Wrap WGX fell $10 this month, to $189.00 .  What makes this style different than the Wrap 7C?  They’re both stylish wraparound frames with that special curvature to hug the face and block out light.  They both come in black and tortoise shell.  And they both have a removable insert for [...]

Migraineur Enjoys the Little Things Again

For some customers, Axon’s tinted glasses have a very significant effect on their lives.  One customer recently wrote us to let us know.  Ms. Burton has had migraines for over 35 years that got so bad she had to stop working a few years ago.  She tried Botox and still needed rescue medication, and has [...]

The Close of our Rockethub Campaign

We at Axon Optics want to sincerely thank you for your support of our Migraine Glasses Rocket Hub Campaign. We received many contributions, and nearly met our goal. We are committed to producing the new lightweight eyewear, and are actively working on completing the design and testing of prototype frames. We will begin production of [...]

Jessica’s Migraine Story

Hi my name is Jessica I am 41 years old, married and have identical twin sons 9 years old. I work full time as an executive assistant for a major construction company and I have been suffering from migraines and headaches since I was a little girl. I can remember as a child having a [...]

Choosing a Bifocal Lens

What is the difference between Standard Bifocals and Progressives?  A Standard Bifocal has your distance prescription on the top half of the lens, and a magnified version of your prescription on the bottom half for reading.  A Progressive Bifocal has both distance and reading like a traditionl bifocal, but with the line blended. I realized [...]

Polarization Vs. Anti-Glare Coatings

Polarization Vs. Anti-Glare Coatings Axon Optics offers transitions lenses and you can now custom order polarized lenses. This has lead many people to ask what is Polarization, exactly, and how it is different than an Anti-Glare Coating. Are they the same? These are actually different, and you can get an AR coating on the polarized [...]

Brain Injury Statistics from the Brain Injury Association of America

It’s Brain Injury Awareness Month. Here is a list of facts from the Brain Injury Association of America’s Brain Injury Awareness Month factsheets.  Their website can be found here: http://www.biausa.org/ Incidence of brain injury ·    1.7 million people sustain a traumatic brain injury (TBI) each year. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Injury Prevention, the [...]

Melany’s Story: Migraines Developed While Pregnant, Axon Lenses Helped Pregnancy Migraines

You may have heard Melany’s story on the news or read about it in the paper. Her story rings true for so many. While pregnant, she developed migraines with aura.  I recently interviewed Melany about her experience for our blog. Q: Melany, When did you start getting migraines? A: Spring 2011, I wasn’t sure what it was, [...]

Featherweight Migraine Relief Frames Ready for Production

Our RocketHub campaign has been extended! A little more info about our Rockethub campaign: We’ve designed new, lightweight frames that put far less pressure on the face. They’re an eyeglass-style frame with wraparound-style curvature, so they hug the face better; they have lens sizes made specifically for maximum coverage from our therapeutic Axon Lenses. Its [...]

Note From A Migraineur

One of the perks of the job is that I get to test-drive our products. I love my glasses. I used to use the computer for hours at a time. I used to drag myself around the grocery store, or try to sit through a flourescent-lit three hour college lecture. I used to squint all the way from one [...]

Axon Optics Research Company in Forbes Magazine

Forbes Magazine Writes About Axon Optics Axon Optics has been mentioned in an article about the University of Utah’s Technology Commercialization Office. It’s an honor to be included in an article by Forbes! The University of Utah’s Technology Commercialization Office (TCO)—#1 in the country for startups  launched by research organizations for three of the last five [...]

Virginia of Axon Optics on Utah Talk Radio KHQN 1480 FM.

                      Virginia of Axon Optics will be live on Utah Talk Radio KHQN 1480. Listeners can tune in on Monday, February 4th, at 1:15 Mountain Standard Time. For more information about Utah Talk Radio, visit their website at http://www.khqn1480.com/index.html

fMRI evidence that precision ophthalmic tints reduce cortical hyperactivation in migraine

The National Institute of Health keeps Public Access Archives.  This is great for those of us who don’t have access to University-level research journals.  But once you have access, how do you know which articles to read?  The text isn’t exactly easy reading, either – it’s dense with scientific and medical jargon that means nothing [...]

Precision tinted glasses help prevent migraines

The USA TODAY wrote an article about precision tinted lenses that may benefit migraine sufferers particularly those whose migraines are accompanied by visual auras, or flashes of light. The artcle references data found in the May 26 issue of the journal Cephalagia which is a peer-reviewed journal containing papers on all aspects of headache. The [...]

Glasses developed at University of Utah may help migraine sufferers

SALT LAKE CITY — Doctors at the Moran Eye Center at the University of Utah may have found a natural way to get rid of painful migraines: specially tinted glasses. Melany Moras suffered her first migraine headache last spring when she was pregnant. It lasted an entire weekend. “I just couldn’t get out of bed [...]
KUTV News logo for Axon Optics Article

KUTV-2 News | Utah Doctor Develops Glasses To Get Rid Of Migraines

Local Television Station KUTV-2 News ( A CBS Affiliate) aired a story about our migraine glasses, as well as our upcoming clinical study.  Melany and Dr. Katz are in the video.   UTAH DOCTOR DEVELOPS GLASSES TO GET RID OF MIGRAINES Sinclair Broadcasting Group (KUTV) January 21, 2013 Migraines are the most common neurologic disease [...]

Photophobia: Looking for Causes and Solutions

  Migraine, V. Palyka 2012 I couldn’t resist sharing this article with you.  It’s a well-written update on the neuro-opthalmologic sources of light sensitivity. Clinical Update: Neuro-Ophthalmology Photophobia: Looking for Causes and Solutions By Marianne Doran, Contributing Writer Photophobia is a vexing problem for patients and physicians alike. Although extreme light sensitivity was first described in [...]

Resolution 2013: A Year With Less Migraine, Photophobia, and Blepharospasm

  Hello 2013! The world didn’t end in 2012. We’re still here. Some of our problems change; some of them go away. Some of them remain. As we move into a new year, we often reflect on what we would like to change, and from it make a resolution. What should my resolution be? To [...]

Axon Optics Lenses Beat Sunglasses, Rose, or Grey Tints for Blepharospasm Relief.

FL-41 is better than Rose or Grey Tints, and Axon’s Therapeutic FL-41 Tinted Lenses tops them all. I participate on a number of message boards regarding light-sensitive disorders.  I’m a member of several different migraine groups online.  Occasionally, I find a question that nobody seems to answer, and I feel like the Teacher’s Pet.  I [...]

Migraines Are Frequently Misdiagnosed or Undiagnosed

Migraine headaches affect about 18% of women and 9% of men at some point in their lives. However, this common illness is often misdiagnosed as “tension headache”, “sinus headache”, or allergy. Children and teens are not only misdiagnosed, but are susceptible to going undiagnosed. Very often, it is during these formative years that migraine develops [...]

Light Sensitivity, Bright Lights, and Depression

There is more than one way that light could be bothering you.  If you’re reading this, you probably know something about light sensitivity, also known as photophobia.  But did you know that bright light at night may also increase your chances of depression?  Think about all of those little irritants during the time that your [...]
Dresden Codex compared to Migraine with Aura

Visual Migraine Aura Phenomenon

  The Dresden Codex vs. Migraine Aura   Mesoamerican Art has a very famous and specific look.  Most people will have an immediate mental image when you mention the Aztecs or the Mayans. The Dresden Codex, or Codex Dresdensis, is one of three indisputable Mayan Codices (books).  It opens accordion-style.  It is from the Yucatan region [...]

Migraine Mechanism: an educational video by Dr. Craig Blackwell

Craig Blackwell, MD, founder of Craig Blackwell, MD Opthamology and Blackwell Eyesight. Migraine Mechanism is a great educational film about migraine and how it occurs.  Opthalmologist Craig Blackwell, MD, of Santa Cruz, California, produced this video.  He has been American Board of Opthalmology certified since 1986, and has been performing eye surgeries for twenty years.  As [...]

Serene Branson’s Sudden Migraine

Did you ever see the footage of Serene Branson?  She’s a reporter for CBS Los Angeles.  She was at the Grammys in 2011 reporting live on television when she stopped being able to speak.  She appeared to be having a stroke.  They cut the live feed and took her to the emergency room.  Medical professionals [...]

Why Bright Light Worsens Migraine Headache Pain

This article from LiveScience.com reveals some of why bright light worsens migraine headache pain. The article explains a bit about photophobia and how migraines occur. It’s great if you’re interested in the science behind light sensitivity. Senatorial headache. Washington, D.C., March 19, 1937.  Library of Congress. Why Bright Light Worsens Migraine Headache Pain by LiveScience [...]

FDA lists Migraines as Nominee for New Research

Have you seen Migraine.com’s article from earlier this week? The FDA was looking for comments on several disorders, including migraine, from sufferers as part of a patient-focused drug development initiative. Exciting! Here is a direct link to their article: http://migraine.com/blog/comment-fda-migraines/?uuid=c8b7f14050c0ea2bd552d7e8bd83f16d  

What is light pollution and how does it affect me?

Most city sky’s have become virtually empty of stars. Light pollution is mostly bad lighting design which shines artificial lights in streets, buildings, parking lots, etc into the sky, where it’s not wanted, instead of focusing it downward.  This lighting washes out the darkness of the night and the stars of the sky and it [...]

A Day at the Park without Light Sensitivity

Axon Optics doesn’t sell Extra-Large Cocoons Cover Frames anymore because they were too big for most people, but they do fit perfectly over my camera lens.  This is also a great opportunity to show you the kind of coverage our Cover Frames provide.  The shape provides protection from peripheral light, and the tint provides relief [...]

The World is Too Bright

Photo: Riverside Drive Illumination, sometime between 1910 and 1915, Bain News Service. I am having a terrible day. I work in customer service for Axon Optics and I’ve probably talked to or emailed many of you.  I really enjoy helping others with photophobia and migraine because I suffer as well.  But today is not good.  [...]
Photophobia Glasses

Photophobia Glasses Provide Relief from Light Sensitivity

“I have extreme photophobia and I just want a pair of photophobia glasses to make riding in a car or eating in a restaurant not only tolerable but somewhat comfortable.”  This is a common question we receive at Axon Optics. What is Photophobia? Photophobia is an aversion or sensitivity to light.  In many cases, light [...]

Using Eye Glasses for Natural Migraine Relief

Axon Optics is developing eye glasses that block the wavelength of light that triggers migraines. It offers a natural migraine relief method of reducing the severity and frequency of migraines. Axon Optics in collaboration with the University of Utah is developing novel coating which can be applied to eyeglasses in order to block the light spectrum that [...]

Treatment for Chronic Migraines

A person constantly afflicted with the burden of chronic migraine pain seeks one thing: relief. In a relentless search for a migraine cure people look to prescriptions, over-the-counter drugs and any form of natural migraine relief. Sensitivity to light and a can keep people confined to darkness, and away from work. Auras can prevent people [...]

“Light Build Dilemma” and Finding Natural Migraine Relief

A few months ago, the Richmond Times-Dispatch published an article about a Virginia woman named Lois Fay titled “Light-bulb dilemma: Shift to CFL lighting a concern.” As the article’s title indicates, Lois was worried about recent federal lighting standards (mandated by the federal Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007) that require all new light [...]
drugs and alternative treatments for migraines

Study: Only seven prescription drugs and one OTC were found proven to be effective for preventing migraine attacks.

  The results of a new major study about medication and migraine treatment was released last week. The study announced new guidelines ranking the effectiveness of medications used to treat migraine and contained surprises. Only seven prescription drugs and one over-the-counter product (butterbur) were found proven to be effective for preventing migraine attacks. Other drugs [...]
axert alternatives for migraine treatment

Is there a difference between Optical Migraine and Ocular Migraine?

  Optical Migraine and Ocular Migraine Optical migraine and Ocular migraine are terms that most physicians no longer use. The reason for not using these terms is that they can mean different things to different people. To some they mean eye pain in someone with migraines. To others, they mean the visual disturbance, or “aura” that sometimes [...]

Wearing Sunglasses Indoors is a Bad Idea

“I have had extreme photophobia for a year. I am now able to function in the house with glasses — but blinds are down. At night, I use low wattage incandescent bulbs with dimmers and 25 watt amber lights in lamps that diffuse light. When I go out I wear two pairs of sunglasses and [...]

Axon Optics Migraine Glasses featured at "Innovation Idol: Superhero Edition"

On Wednesday, Dec. 7, four fantastic entrepreneurial innovators assembled in the hallowed halls of The Leonardo Museum in Salt Lake City to participate in “Innovation Idol: Superhero Edition.” Axon Optics was pleased to be selected as one of the four innovations. Each contestant represented a super-heroic innovation with the potential to save lives, increase safety, [...]

Update on Next Generation Migraine Lens

We keep getting emails about our next generation migraine lens (and understandably so).  We just wanted to share a picture of them with you and let you know we are hard at work performing clinical studies.  Axon Optics will deliver the best product with clinical data to back it up.  We expect these migraine lenses [...]

Do You Have Migraine Eye Symptoms?

Migraine Eye Symptoms Because migraine is a neurologic disease and not just a “headache”, it can have a variety of symptoms other than head pain. Visual disturbances and eye pain are two common ocular examples of migraine eye symptoms. 1) Aura About 1/3rd of people  with migraine experience a visual disturbance or “aura” that precedes [...]

Light Sensitivity Relief

Are you sensitive to light? Does light trigger painful migraines or headaches?  Is hiding in a dark room the only relief, or is something better out there? Because not everyone shares this form of light discomfort, others may be inconsiderate to people with light sensitivity, or “photophobia”. People without this sensitivity cannot understand or imagine [...]

The Need for Fast, Alternative, Migraine Relief

Migraine relief has been a common dream for many who suffer from frequent migraines. The National Headache Foundation (www.headaches.org) supported The National Migraine Treatment Survey, a telephone survey of 500 clinically diagnosed migraine sufferers between the ages of 25 and 45 conducted March 2010. A number of interesting results were reported from this survey: 69% [...]

Migraine Headaches: Frequently Misdiagnosed

Migraine headaches are very common and affect about 18% of women and 9% of men at some point in their lives. However, this common illness is often misdiagnosed as “tension headache”, “sinus headache”, or allergy. Here are some of the characteristics of migraines that help differentiate them from other headache syndromes: Unilateral headache. A headache [...]

Visual Migraines and Ocular Migraines

  If you are visiting this site, you have likely experienced a visual migraine (ocular migraine, ophthalmic migraine, eye migraine).  In general, this refers to the visual warning signs or aura of a migraine attack. It can be a frightening phenomenon.  Those affected by visual migraines are good candidates for using migraine glasses (FL-41) to [...]

Best-Ever Migraine Home Remedies?

Recently ABC’s Good Morning America did a segment on headache and migraine home remedies (Mar 2011).  Prescription medication and over-the-counter medication  such as aspirin, ibuprofen, naproxen, or acetaminophen can help, but you have to be careful not to overuse them, which can lead to “rebound headaches.” Some of the migraine home remedies included avoiding MSG, [...]

Participate in Clinical Studies

  Thanks to all of you who’ve expressed interest in the study. We’ve received over 600 responses. As a result, we are no longer seeking participants for this study. We do plan to have additional studies in the future, and we will post that information here and on our Facebook page. Click on the Facebook [...]

Welcome to AxonOptics.com

As we get our new company off the ground we want to thank you for visiting axonoptics.com.  Members of the Axon Optics team include a Neuro-Ophthalmologist, a Migraine Researcher, and an Optics Researcher.  We started this company because we believe that the products on our site have a unique ability to block the light that [...]