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Glasses for Fluorescent Lights. Reduce Light Sensitivity

Fluorescent light glasses (also known as FL-41 glasses) were invented in 1991 by Dr. Arnold Wilkins at Cambridge University. Dr. Wilkins wanted to come up with an effective solution for his patients suffering from eye-strain and headaches caused by fluorescent lighting. And it was a success! Many of his patients reported impressive results.

With the help of our founder and neuro-ophthalmologist, we fine-tuned the tint over the next 20 years to ensure maximum effectiveness, added 18+ layers of coating so they remain in tip-top shape for many years, and then placed them on stylish frames that people LOVE.

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Relieve Painful Light Sensitivity From Fluorescent Lights

Data is critical when seeking relief for illnesses. Most companies offering glasses to protect from fluorescent lighting simply display their best reviews as proof their product works. We wanted to take it one step further by spending a decade collecting data from our customers via a clinically-validated survey. This particular test is called HIT-6, and it's used in studies and by physicians around the world.

Here's what we found:


85% of users reduced the impact of headache and light sensitivity


40% decrease in light sensitivity impact


33% fewer headaches

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The Problem With Fluorescent Lighting

After coming home from a long day of work, you may notice that your eyes are itchy, burning, and painful. And if you have a history of chronic migraine, perhaps you get more migraines during your workdays.

The problem could be the harsh fluorescent lights that most companies use throughout the office.

Like most other light sensitivity symptoms, fluorescent lights could cause eye strain, blurred vision, headaches or migraines, vertigo or dizziness, eye pain, and eye inflammation.

So how do you protect your eyes from fluorescent lighting?

Enter: Fluorescent light glasses.

How Do Fluorescent Light Glasses Work?

Glasses for fluorescent lights contain a precision-tinted lens called FL-41. The FL-41 tint works by filtering out certain wavelengths of light that have recently been shown to trigger migraines and exacerbate light sensitivity.

In a nutshell, fluorescent light glasses block the harmful light, but keep the good. However, not all lenses are created equal! There have been multiple studies that show wide variations in the quality of lenses from multiple vendors. Choose quality. Choose Axon Optics.

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Scientific Studies

2x Improvement In Light Sensitivity Severity

A few researchers performed a study that analyzed how the FL-41 tint affects patients suffering from blepharospasm (BEB). A very common symptom of blepharospasm is light sensitivity. Patients who wore the lens saw a 2x improvement in the severity of light sensitivity when compared to regular grey lenses.

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Not All Glasses Are Created Equal

Yes, all FL-41 lenses stem from the original technology created in 1991. However, even though they use the same technology, they are far from the same in terms of effectiveness.

There are have been multiple studies published looking at the quality of the lenses from different vendors. The studies showed extreme variations from vendor to vendor.

Things like overall quality, optical density, and spectral characteristics were completely different. Meaning, you must choose wisely if your goal is to find relief!

Axon Optics fluorescent light glasses were created by a neuro-ophthalmologist out of the University of Utah. Additionally, our founder, Dr. Bradley Katz, spearheaded a lot of the research that our competitors are citing to prove their product works.

Will Our Glasses Provide Fluorescent Light Relief?

Possibly. And possibly not. Since everyone is unique, there's no way for us to be 100% certain that Axon Optics fluorescent light filter glasses will give you relief from those pesky lights.

However, because we now have clinically validated customer data, we know you're more likely to find relief than none at all.

But don't worry, we understand that you might be a part of the minority of unlucky ones that don't find the level of relief they were looking for. If that's the case, we have 30-day return policy so that you minimize your risk.

Already Have Glasses?

Keep Your Current Frames

Many, many people already wear glasses. So you may be asking yourself, "now what?" But no need to worry, if you can't bear the thought of switching the frames that perfectly complement your face, we have a solution! We have the ability to swap out the lenses you already have with our precision-tinted lenses. That way, you can stay stylish and find fluorescent light relief.

Prescription? Not a Problem

If you have prescription lenses, then we have a few options. If your prescription is single-vision, then we can fulfill those orders in our own lab. Simply supply your information at checkout. If you have something more complex (bifocal, trifocal, etc), then those must be placed by your eye care professional. OR, you can purchase our Cover RX Frame which is designed to fit over your current frame. It's the best way to test the tint's effectiveness before you go through the trouble of replacing your prescription.

Raving Reviews

Customer loving their glasses

Fashionable and protective

"I really like these frames, theyโ€™re very fashionable and perfect for younger women. I also like how they are lightweight so they donโ€™t contribute to more headaches. I will definitely be wearing these to my college classes this fall. Otherwise theyโ€™re perfect for running errands under fluorescent lights and on overcast days. The only downside I would say for these frames is that the nose piece pinches a bit." - Leila C.

Happy customer after finding relief from harsh office lighting

Blown away by the difference

"These glasses have made a huge impact in my life reducing eye strain and day to day headaches for me. While I haven't yet tested them in during a full blown migraine or under the fluorescent lights at the office (still working from home), I'd estimate my daily headaches frequency and intensity has been cut in half. This frame is lightweight and unobtrusive which is a great fit for me as I've never worn glasses before. I wear these every day." - Katasha R.

Satisfied customer that treated fluorescent light sensitivity

Highly recommend!

"Do yourself a favor and give them a chance. My chronic migraines were caused by a TBI and have been extremely hard to treat ever since, so I have struggled with severe light sensitivity, and these glasses have been a godsend and helped towards my relief. I own both indoor and outdoor glasses, and they have been so great for the past two years! The glasses allow me to be in fluorescent lighting without fearing the migraine consequences. Seriously, the best purchase ever." - Jess N.

Protect Yourself From Fluorescent Lights. Risk Free.

If you aren't satisfied with your purchase, please send your glasses back to within 30 days so that we can refund your money. We don't want you to waste money on a treatment that doesn't work!