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Indoor Sunglasses for Light Sensitivity Relief

When a migraine hits, some migraineurs reach for their sunglasses for quick relief. But is that the right thing to do?

Wearing sunglasses indoors might bring some fleeting photophobia relief. But over time, they could actually make your light sensitivity worse.

Axon Optics Spectrashield™ FL-41 lenses are a better option.


Why Our Spectrashield™ Lenses Are Better Than Wearing Regular Sunglasses Indoors

Because of their precise tint, our glasses block only the specific wavelengths of light that aggravate light sensitivity (namely blue and amber). Regular or prescription sunglasses block ALL wavelengths.

Blocking all light wavelengths with sunglasses puts you at risk for dark adapting your eyes. This means they get so used to the dark that they become even more light sensitive in the long run. With our glasses, you don’t run that risk.

Some people may call Axon Optics “indoor sunglasses” because they’re much lighter in color — not dark like outdoor sunglasses. But actually they’re not sunglasses at all (though we make those, too — for outside).

Man and woman together wearing axon optics migraine glasses

Benefits of OUR Spectrashield™ Lenses Over Regular FL-41


You might have heard about FL-41 glasses for photophobia. These were created in 1991 to help people with sensitivity to fluorescent light.

Our co-founder was one of the original pioneers of FL-41 glasses. Over the last 3 decades, he’s been helping us improve our exclusive version of the FL-41 tint.

Like Axon Optics lenses, the FL-41 tint is designed to block just the painful light so you don’t dark-adapt your eyes. However, our glasses are superior to the traditional FL-41 tint. Here’s why.

Block the Bad Light, Let in the Good

While our Spectrashield™ lenses are busy blocking all that bad light, they’re also precisely engineered to let in the good light.

You see, while blue and amber light tend to be painful, green light is actually soothing. Green light has been shown to reduce photophobia and headache severity. Even traditional FL-41 lenses block 80% of green light. Axon Optics lenses let that soothing light pass through, so you get better results.

Axon lets more green light pass than FL-41

Axon Optics lenses are tested and consistent

Lenses labeled and sold as FL-41 from various suppliers tend to be pretty different from each other. From brand to brand, they vary widely in quality, lens color, and the type of light they actually block. This means you could buy “FL-41” and just get cheap colored lenses that don’t really work.

When you buy from Axon Optics, you’re getting tested, consistent lenses that are precisely made to actually do what they claim. Our Spectrashield™ lenses are an upgraded version of FL-41 lenses that you can only get from us.

The graphic below shows several different brands of glasses sold as FL-41. See how different they are? Axon Optics tests our lenses to make sure you get the same results with every pair.

Comparison on FL-41 Migraine Glasses

To top it off, some of the studies that our competitors are citing as proof that their product works were conducted with our product and performed by our founder, Dr. Bradley Katz.

Fewer headaches

Less impact on your life

Decreased light sensitivity

Our Lenses Deliver Results

Clinical data shows you’ll most likely see massive (and stable) benefits from wearing our glasses. The data below is from a clinically validated survey and took us ten long, painstaking years to collect:


33% fewer headaches


40% decrease in light sensitivity impact


85% of users saw a reduction in light impact

Does Science Agree?

The short answer: Yes. Yes, it does.

2x Improvement

Researchers analyzed how the lens would affect people with blepharospasm — a condition that is commonly accompanied by light sensitivity. Patients saw a 2x improvement in the severity of their light sensitivity as opposed to regular gray lenses.

From 6 to 2

For many, fluorescent lights trigger migraines. During a study at the University of Birmingham, patients who wore the FL-41 lens saw a reduction in the amount of migraines they experienced every month - from 6 down to only 2.

Options That Fit Your Condition

Standard Protection

Standard Migraine Glasses Frame

Standard glasses blocks most light.

Peripheral Protection

Wrap eyeglasses frame

Glasses block additional light from sides due to curved lenses and frame.

Max Protection

Gasket frame

Curved lenses, frame, and inner gasket provide maximum protection from light.

Prescription Protection

Frame compare fitover

This style frame fits over prescriptions frames.

But Could These “Indoor
Sunglasses” Work for Me?

To sum up, we believe our Spectrashield™ FL-41 lenses are the best solution if you feel the need to wear sunglasses indoors because of light sensitivity.

  • Minimize your risk of your eyes dark adapting
  • Block much more of the light that's actually causing your photophobia
  • Let in the soothing green light
  • Consistent quality with precise tint

If you're not quite convinced, that's okay! Take a gander at our clinically validated data here, as well as our reviews here. They may change your mind. 🙂

See if Axon Optics Works for You. It’s Risk Free.

We want you to find long-term light sensitivity relief, and you won't get there by wearing sunglasses indoors. Give our precision-tinted glasses a test drive. If you're not satisfied, send them back within 60 days for a refund. No questions asked.


We ship internationally. Non-prescription glasses usually ship within 48 hours. Prescription glasses will take a bit longer to process.

For returns, we provide a prepaid mailing label. Begin the return process by emailing [email protected]

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