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Sensitive to Light? Try Light Sensitivity Glasses

Do you find yourself needing to wear sunglasses constantly--even indoors? You're not alone. Many people are unaware that the use of sunglasses indoors could make your light sensitivity much worse, and it's actually not the most effective way to combat light sensitivity.

The solution? Light sensitivity (photophobia) glasses.

Benefits of OUR Light Sensitivity Glasses

To test if a product is truly effective, you need data--and lots of it! In the migraine medical community, the most effective way to measure efficacy of migraine treatments is via a survey called HIT-6 (Headache Impact Test). Because the survey is extensive, we found it very difficult to get enough willing participants to make the data significant.

After hundreds of survey participants (and eight long years), we're happy to report these amazing results from our customers:


reduction in light impact

88% of users saw a reduction in light impact

reduction in headache impact

87% of users saw a reduction in headache impact

decrease in light sensitivity severity

38% decrease in light sensitivity impact

fewer headaches

24% fewer headaches

What is Light Sensitivity (Photophobia)?

Photophobia, or light sensitivity, is a condition associated with an extreme sensitivity to lights. It can cause symptoms like continual blinking, squinting, excessive tearing, eye pain, and eye inflammation. In some cases, photophobia can also cause headaches and nausea.

There are many potential causes of photophobia, one of which is migraine. Research has shown that patients with migraines are more sensitive to light and tend to have a lower tolerance of bright light.

Itching to learn more? Check out our photophobia guide.

What are Photophobia Glasses?

Light sensitivity glasses utilize a 30-year-old technology called FL-41. FL-41 is a special tint that blocks certain wavelengths of light that science has recently found to trigger migraines and exacerbate photophobia symptoms.

Axon Optics took the old technology, refined and tweaked it over the course of 20 years, and finally paired it with over 18 layers of coating to ensure they stay effective for many years to come.

precision tinted lenses against wood

Scientific Data

2x Improvement in Photophobia Severity

Researchers studied how this lens affects patients with a condition called blepharospasm (BEB). This condition is almost always accompanied by light sensitivity. Patients saw a 2x improvement in the severity of their light sensitivity when compared to wearing regular grey lenses.

From 6 to 2 Migraine Episodes Per Month

There was an additional study performed by researchers over at the University of Birmingham. They tested how the lenses would affect migraine patients. Patients who wore the glasses reported a reduction in migraine episodes from over 6 per month down to only 2 per month.

Migraine glasses lens technology

Same Tech. Different Results.

Even though all FL-41 lenses stem from the same technology created over 30 years ago, they aren't all the same. Not even close. And they aren't equally as effective at relieving light sensitivity and photophobia.

There have been multiple studies conducted that tested the quality of these lenses such as orange, rust, and green lenses. The studies found dramatic differences in quality, spectral characteristics, and optical density.

This news should make your ears perk up! It means if you don't buy your light sensitivity glasses from a trusted vendor, you may not find any light sensitivity relief at all!

Here's why Axon Optics is different. Our photophobia glasses were created by a neuro-ophthalmologist out of the University of Utah. And, our glasses have actually been the product used in some of the published studies that most of our competitors are citing to prove their product works. Crazy, right? Might as well just buy the real deal.

Will These Glasses Get Rid of Your Photophobia?

As with everything in life, it depends. Each person is completely unique, so we can't guarantee the glasses will provide light sensitivity relief.

However, based on the hundreds of 5-star reviews and the overwhelmingly positive results from our clinically validated HIT-6 survey, we can definitely say that the odds are certainly in your favor.

And if you're worried you might be one of the unlucky ones, we offer a 30-day return policy so that there's no risk!

Frames for Every Scenario

Standard Protection

Standard Migraine Glasses Frame

Blocks a majority of light

Peripheral Protection

Wrap Migraine Glasses Frame

Slight curve blocks additional peripheral light

Max Protection

Frame Compare Gasket

Curved lenses, frame, and inner gasket provide maximum protection from light.

Prescription Protection

Frame Compare Fitover

This style frame fits over prescriptions frames.

Have Glasses Already?

Keep Your Current Frames

If you love your current frames too much to give up, no need to worry! We give you the option to swap out your current lenses with our precision-tinted FL-41 lenses. That way, you can keep your same stylish lenses AND find some much-needed relief from photophobia.

Prescription Lenses? No Problem

For people who have prescription lenses, we have a few options. 1) Order online (as long as it's single-vision). 2) Anything other than single-vision (bifocal, trifocal), you must go to an eye-care professional to have them placed. Also, if you just want to see if the lenses work for you, we have a Cover-RX frame, which is designed to be worn OVER your glasses.

Excellent Reviews

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Risk Free Relief is Just a Click Away

We wouldn't want you to keep something that doesn't work for you! If you don't find any relief with our photophobia glasses, please send them back to us within 30 days to get a refund.