3 Credible Blue Light Glasses for Kids (and One Big Caveat)

November 17, 2022
Blue light glasses for kids? Here's what the science says.

Just like adults, kids tend to be exposed to many hours of screen time per day, between school work, TV, gaming, and smartphones. If you’ve ever worried about your kids’ exposure to the blue light those screens put out, you might have considered buying them a pair of blue blocking glasses.  This article will take […] Read More

Migraine Glasses Reviews: 17 In-Depth Success Stories

September 8, 2022
Migraine glasses reviews

Axon Optics makes glasses for migraine and light sensitivity, and they have helped thousands of people find relief. In fact, about 85% of users say our glasses reduce the impact of migraine and light sensitivity on their lives.  If you’re tired of migraine. Tired of light causing you pain. And mostly, if you’re ready to […] Read More

Best Migraine Glasses Revealed in Actual Lab Study (2022)

August 16, 2022
Learn what lab results say about the best migraine glasses

We did it. We now know which migraine glasses are the best. If you’re wondering how, we first asked ourselves the following questions: Then, we went into the lab and measured popular migraine glasses brands to see if their data is in line with what science recommends for maximum migraine reducing effectiveness. The result of […] Read More

Why Dark Sunglasses for Sensitive Eyes Are a Bad Idea

August 11, 2022

If you regularly shut the blinds, turn off lights, or retreat into a dark corner of the room, you could be sensitive to light.  Putting on sunglasses might seem like an easy fix — even indoors. But donning extra dark sunglasses for sensitive eyes is a pretty bad idea that’s actually detrimental. Here’s why: Extra […] Read More

12 Migraine Relief Products That Actually Work

July 28, 2022

Life with migraine isn’t exactly a walk in the park. With no known cure for your condition, it may feel like there’s no obvious light at the end of the tunnel. But thanks to ongoing research and development, you have access to lots of migraine relief products that could make 2022 less of a pain […] Read More

11 Effective Photophobia Treatments & Home Remedies (2022)

July 28, 2022
Lots of artificial lights and photophobia

Photophobia treatments and home remedies are brought more to light as scientists and doctors continue to learn more about light sensitivity. This article is intended to help you learn more about your options. If you have photophobia or excess sensitivity to light, chances are good that you’re frequently reminded of it by pain, squinting, tears, […] Read More

Daith Piercing for Migraines: Does it Actually Help?

July 12, 2022
hand in a white sterile glove holds a piercing for cartilage ear jewelry on a dark background close-up

Daith piercing for migraines is becoming more common as a potential tool, but does it actually help? In this article, you’ll learn what daith piercing is, where the piercings are located, and what science says about daith piercing for migraines. What is Daith Piercing? Daith piercing is when an earring is placed through the innermost […] Read More

Scientific Studies on Migraines, Light, and Migraine Glasses

July 4, 2022

Could Your Migraines be Triggered by Light Sensitivity? According to several studies, the short answer of whether your migraine attacks could be triggered by light sensitivity is yes. In fact, even blind people with no light perception at all may be suffering from light-triggered migraines, even though they can’t see that light. Fortunately, specialty tinted […] Read More

Best OTC Migraine Medications: A Helpful Guide (2022)

July 4, 2022

No migraine medication, OTC or prescription is going to work for all people or all migraine symptoms. But fortunately, many drugs are designed to reduce your migraine pain or make it go away faster. Let’s take a look at your best OTC migraine medicine options. List of Migraine Medication OTC Here are some active ingredients […] Read More

Migraine Pressure Points: Legit Remedy or Pseudoscience?

July 4, 2022

If you’re looking for more tools for your migraine arsenal, migraine relief pressure points could be worth a shot.  Proponents of pressure points believe that applying pressure to certain, very sensitive points on the body can ease pain and restore balance to different areas. This practice is commonly called acupressure, and it includes techniques meant […] Read More

Essential Oils for Migraines: Which Ones Are Best?

July 4, 2022
Essential oils for migraines are increasingly popular. But do they help?

Along with tools like migraine glasses, cold packs, and keeping a migraine diary, a lot of people use essential oils and aromatherapy to make their condition more bearable. Many people use aromatherapy to relieve stress, and migraines may be stress-related. But is that enough reason to use essential oils for migraine? There isn’t a lot […] Read More

Migraine Abortives: Must-Know Facts in 2022

July 4, 2022
When it comes to abortive migraine medications, there are a lot of choices

Migraine drugs are designed to work either as abortives or as migraine prevention for those who have chronic migraine or another headache disorder.  Abortive migraine medications are intended to alleviate a migraine or cluster headache after it comes on.  Preventive medications (and tools like migraine glasses) are designed to help prevent further attacks, reducing their […] Read More