Pregnancy Migraines: Prevention and Treatment

September 2, 2019

Many women find that their migraine decreases during pregnancy. However, some pregnancy migraines have been linked to increased blood pressure, abortions, the number of caesareans, preterm births and other issues during pregnancy and childbirth. An extensive study was done at the Department of Clinical Epidemiology at Aarhus University and Aarhus University Hospital in Denmark. This […] Read More

Replace Lenses on Glasses: A scratch on your lens is a simple fix

August 29, 2019

If you wear shades, readers, or prescription eyewear, at some point you will have to replace the lenses on your glasses. It is inevitable. It happens to the best of us – and some more often than others. No matter how careful you are, how meticulous you are about protecting your glasses, scratches are bound […] Read More

Impact of Migraine on Workplace Productivity: A Survey Summary

August 26, 2019

Migraineurs know how hard it is to handle social situations when they have a migraine attack. So, Research! America conducted a national public opinion survey which would give them more insight on how migraine affects people and their workplace productivity as well as how that stretches into other social areas of life. The general statement […] Read More

Light Sensitive Vision & What You Can Do About It

August 23, 2019
Laser Vision Between Two People

One day my wife told my 6 year old, “No, you may not look at screens without supervision,” he replied, “What are you talking about? I don’t need super vision to look at screens.  I don’t even wear glasses.” While few of us have “super vision,” millions of people do have light sensitive vision, and […] Read More

Living with Migraine: How to Cope when Every Day is a Struggle

August 16, 2019

How do you stay positive when you are living with migraine, when each day is such an uphill battle? How do you keep putting one foot in front of the other when all you want to do is crawl into bed and hide from the lights, smells, and sounds of the world? How do you […] Read More

Vestibular Migraine

July 10, 2019
Vestibular migraine involves dizziness with or without migraine pain.

Have you ever been dizzy? I mean, really dizzy, where you couldn’t do much if you could get up at all. This is not a “too much spinning on the playground equipment” dizziness. No, this dizziness comes on seemingly out of the blue. It can last several minutes or drag on for up to three […] Read More

Migraine Glasses – A Thorough Look (2019)

June 10, 2019
Man Holding Migraine Glasses by Axon Optics

We’ve all felt it at some time, bright light that hurts. But that’s not you. No, forget the garden variety light sensitivity. Yours is the serious stuff. You know the drill: bright lights, pain, the overwhelming need to find a dark room in which to retreat. You’re not alone, but is that really any consolation? […] Read More

The Results Are In: Axon Optics Eyewear Reduces Headache Impact

May 22, 2019

Since 2011, Axon Optics has been developing precision-tinted eyewear with purpose. As technology has advanced, our primary mission has remained constant: to help people who suffer from light sensitivity and migraine to suffer less. We’ve Been Hard at Work, and the Data Is In We admit it — we’re data nerds. We’ve been busy surveying […] Read More

Dark Glasses for Migraine: Separating Fact from Fiction

May 10, 2019

“Get a little sunshine!” “Open a window; it’s too dark in here!” “Why do you keep it so dark in here! Turn on some lights!” Do you cringe when someone says these things to you? Do you seek out the darkened corners of a room, pulling down the shades and lowering the lights? Does every […] Read More

What does it mean when your eyes are sensitive to light?

April 19, 2019

Light bugs you. We’ve all been there. Bright lights, flashing lights, even illness can cause light to be bothersome. But this goes beyond “bothersome.” Way beyond. It really bugs – you to the point that your eyes water and you can’t keep them open. It hurts. Even though everyone around you is acting like nothing […] Read More

Attending Retreat Migraine and Migraine World Summit

April 16, 2019

Recently, people with migraine have had some excellent opportunities to learn and connect. This past weekend (April 12-14) Nicole and I attended Retreat Migraine, the first patient-focused conference for migraine. One of my favorite sessions was led by Dr. Melissa Geraghty and Jaime Sanders, aka the MigraineDiva. They spoke on migraine and mental health. Jaime […] Read More

20 Migraine Gifs that Really Capture the Migraineur’s Struggle

March 22, 2019

These best migraine gifs really show what migraineurs go through.

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