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    Axon Optics unveils new FL-41 Toric Contact Lenses for Astigmatism with Photophobia

    We now offer our 365-day FL-41 Soft Contact Lenses in regular prescriptions as well as Toric versions for astigmatism!  Our labs can handle astigmatism prescriptions with cylindrical readings up to +2.75.  Above +2.75 is considered Bi-Toric, which we cannot process. What’s so special about an Axon Optics contact lens?  A few things: Total peripheral light coverage.  No gaps above or

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    Veterans: Get Axon Migraine Relief Glasses at VAs Nationwide!

    Migraine attacks? Sensitive to light? Just need a dark, quite dark room?  The majority of migraineurs are light sensitive.  Axon Optics develops eyewear that is shown to block the wavelengths of light that have been implicated in triggering migraine.   Our proprietary eyewear (i.e. migraine glasses or light sensitivity glasses) is available for free to Veterans through any Veterans Administration nationwide. What should

  • michelle tracy

    SHADES OF SUMMER: Managing Migraines During the Warmer Months

    This article originally posted here: http://www.contentchecked.com/archives/shades-of-summer The beach. Amusement parks. Vacations. Barbecues. Fireworks. Camping. These are just a few of the activities that many people associate with summertime. Unfortunately, each of these also has the potential to trigger a migraine. In honor of my 12 year migraine-iversary, I’ve compiled a list of tips to help you beat the heat and

  • Emily More Than A Headache 1

    Migraineur/Blogger of MoreThanAHeadache: Axon Optics lenses ‘Unbeatable’

    Unbeatable  Photophobia is one of the key symptoms of a migraine. For a long time I didn’t have to deal with the severe vertigo and pain from the dimmest of lights. Now, I do. I’ve had tension headaches since I was 13 and now at 21 I experience full blown migraines a few times a month. I experience a small

  • Robert Kaye

    Award-Winning Copywriter reviews our Cover-RX

    by Award-winning Copywriter & Editor Robert Kaye The Cover-RX is a fairly high-end fitover sunglass frame designed to cover one’s normal glasses. Unless one has very large, plastic designer frames, this model will probably accommodate most pairs of prescription glasses. The frames are strong, yet comfortably light, and, with their side ports, are designed to block glare coming in from the