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Migraine Glasses for Light Sensitivity Relief

According to migraineurs who took our clinically validated HIT-6 survey, 87% of participants who wore our migraine glasses and migraine sunglasses reported a reduction in headache impact.

How? Only certain wavelengths of light are triggering migraine attacks and exacerbating photophobia. We developed an eyewear filter that blocks the harmful light from reaching your eyes, providing natural migraine relief.

Reduce Migraines and Light Sensitivity

Over the last 8 years, we've been giving our customers a clinically validated survey called HIT-6 (Headache Impact Test), which measures the effectiveness of specific migraine and headache treatments. Here are the results users reported:

fewer headaches

24% fewer headaches

decrease in light sensitivity severity

38% decrease in light sensitivity impact

reduction in light impact

88% of users saw a reduction in light impact

reduction in headache impact

87% of users saw a reduction in headache impact

How Migraine Glasses Work

More than 90% of migraine sufferers are sensitive to light. For some, light sensitivity is not only a symptom of migraine, but also a trigger. Fortunately, not all light is harmful. According to a recent clinical study, only certain wavelengths of light are responsible for triggering migraines and causing photophobia.

Our migraine glasses utilize technology only previously available in labs and universities. It's a special tint called FL-41 that we’ve modified and honed with years of research. It works by filtering out the harmful light so that they never reach your eyes. Migraine glasses are a great way to find natural migraine relief without the side effects (and cost) of medication.

Migraine Studies

This is what can happen when you start wearing Axon Optics glasses for migraine and light sensitivity.


In a recent study, a team of academic researchers analyzed how this type of lens affects patients with a light-sensitive condition called BEB. By wearing the lens, the patients saw a 2x improvement in their severity of light sensitivity compared to wearing regular grey lenses.


A study performed by researchers at the University of Birmingham tested a group of migraine patients by having them wear migraine glasses with FL-41 lenses. Participants experienced a reduction in the number of migraines, from over 6 episodes per month to under 2 episodes per month.

Axon optics special tint for migraine relief

Not All Lenses Are Created Equal

Studies have been conducted on the quality of precision-tinted lenses such as orange, rust, and green lenses.

Lenses from different optical shops and laboratories had wide variations in not only quality but also spectral characteristics and optical densities.

Meaning, it's crucial that you choose a vendor who has a track record of outstanding quality and results. You only got two eyeballs, so make sure you treat them right!

Why Axon Optics Migraine Glasses?

  • Created by a neuro-ophthalmologist and researcher named Dr. Bradley J. Katz, who has been treating patients for over 20 years.
  • Designed out of a lab at the University of Utah’s Moran Eye Center.
  • Lens options: indoor, outdoor, and transition lenses.
  • Glasses include an advanced anti-glare coating to prevent light from reflecting off of the backside of the lens into your eye - reduces smudges, fingerprints, and scratches.
  • Founded by a neuro-ophthalmologist, photonics researcher, and ophthalmic entrepreneur.
  • Our proprietary rose-tinted lenses have tested to be significantly better than generic FL-41 offered by most optical shops.

Will Migraine Glasses Work For You?

Since everybody is different and unique, we can't say for certain that migraine glasses will provide light sensitivity relief or a reduction in the number of migraine episodes you have per month.

However, based on the amount of 5-star reviews we've received AND the overwhelmingly positive results from our clinically validated HIT-6 survey given to over 500 users, we can say that the odds of finding some relief are in your favor!

If you're one of the few that don't find relief, we offer a very generous 30-day return policy.

Frame Options

Standard Protection

Standard Migraine Glasses Frame

Standard glasses blocks most light.

Peripheral Protection

Wrap Migraine Glasses Frame

Glasses block additional light from sides due to curved lenses and frame.

Max Protection

Frame Compare Gasket

Curved lenses, frame, and inner gasket provide maximum protection from light.

Prescription Protection

Frame Compare Fitover

This style frame fits over prescriptions frames.

What About Sunglasses?

Yes, regular sunglasses can provide immediate relief from painful light sensitivity. But, according to a recent study published in Elsevier Survey of Ophthalmology, wearing sunglasses indoors could eventually make your migraine-related light sensitivity worse. Yikes! This is because sunglasses block all types of light (and a lot of it)!

Eventually, your eyes will adapt to the darkness. And with enough time, even the dimmest of lights could be aggravatingly sensitive. To avoid this, it's necessary to only block the offending light, and not ALL the light. 

Use Indoor Sunglasses

The solution? Axon Optics specially tinted indoor sunglasses. These glasses will not dark adapt your eyes, so you can comfortably wear them indoors to protect your eyes from fluorescent lights, or other interior lights in your office or home.

Axon Optics Migraine Glasses Reviews


30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Give Axon Optics migraine glasses a 30-day test drive. If you don’t experience a reduction in migraine episodes or migraine-related light sensitivity relief, send them back and we'll refund your money as soon as we can!