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New Axon Optics Office

We moved!

In the fall of 2016 we realized that we could improve our service to customers by fulfilling our own inventory.  So we decided to move away from a third party fulfillment center and into our own office and warehouse space.  Aside from a few hiccups during the first week of January when we were moving (sorry about any delayed orders), we are now full-steam ahead.  We already see less order errors, faster shipping, and better customer service.

Thank you for all your support.  As always, please contact us with any questions.

Ben Rollins Working at Axon Optics
Ben Working at Axon Optics


Nicole and Lori Fulfilling Axon Optics Orders
Nicole and Lori Fulfilling Axon Optics Orders


Axon Optics Glasses Display and Plant
Axon Optics Glasses on Display


Axon Optics Boxes Ready to Ship
Axon Optics Boxes Ready to Ship

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3 thoughts on “New Axon Optics Office

  1. Susan Smitherman says:

    I purchased my glasses on march 19 and they should have been here the 7th of April. I have been keeping an eye on the tracking and it they have only moved from the first facility to Salt Lake City, Utah. They have not moved since Monday. Today is the 8th of April and I think my glasses have gotten lost. Could you please contact me with further information. Thank you

    • Virginia says:

      Hi Susan,
      Unfortunately, this kind of variation is typical of the USPS basic shipping service. They will not let us file a claim until 90 days have passed. I believe your package is just stuck, but will being moving again soon. If you’d like, you are welcome to place a new order using a different shipping method, and can return the other pair to us for a refund after it arrives. I will also reply to your emails. Thanks.

  2. Tilia Kreuzburg says:

    My grandaughter has visual snow. She’s 11 years old and had brain surgery on April 4. They removed a golf sized syst from in between the brain. Since then, she sees sparkles and snow. I know your located in Utah, we’re in New York. Do you know of anypplace like yours anywhere in New York. Thank you.

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