Why Axon

Axon Optics is a high tech startup formed after a neuro-ophthalmologist, photonics researcher, and ophthalmic entrepreneur got together during the summer of 2010 to help people with photosensitive migraines by using the latest research performed at the University of Utah’s Moran Eye Center.

The first line of products was based upon FL-41 glasses and launched June 2011. Improvements to the lenses and frames have been ongoing. Research is currently underway at the University of Utah and other clinics to continually develop improved eyewear for light sensitive conditions.

15 years of clinical experience

Neuro-ophthalmologist and scientist Dr. Bradley Katz has been treating light sensitive patients at the University’s Moran Eye Center since 1995. When not treating patients, Dr. Katz is researching why light causes pain, and his work has resulted in peer-reviewed publications and speaking engagements at many neurological conferences. He and his colleagues understand how light sensitivity affects people’s work, family, and social activities.

Dr. Katz’s interactions with patients and his technical research on photophobia result in valuable feedback. This knowledge is funneled into lens and frame innovation to meet the needs of those with light sensitivity.


Multiple Faces

Why Axon Optics


All migraine glasses are not created equally. One of Dr. Katz’s early research projects was to determine if his patients were getting the same therapeutic lenses from different sources. He surprisingly found wide variations in the quality, spectral characteristics, and optical densities of tints purchased from different optical shops and laboratories. Axon Optics has developed a proprietary therapeutic FL-41 lens used by thousands of patients. It can be purchased with high-end anti-glare coating to reduce light reflection into the eye.

Frame Options

People with more severe light sensitivity might prefer a wrap style frame that minimizes light coming around the frame. People who are less light sensitive or don’t like the wrap style can choose a more traditional frame. One of our most popular products, fitovers, can be worn over existing prescription eyewear. Axon is able to accommodate prescription lenses. Don’t see what you’re wanting on our website? Just ask—we can probably get it for you!

Ongoing Research

We use our profits to support ongoing research and product development. We aren’t satisfied with the treatments currently available for light sensitivity, and you shouldn’t be either. In conjunction with the Moran Eye Center, Tecport Optics, and other neurological clinics, Axon is developing new products to help people with migraine and other light-sensitive conditions. Axon’s mission is to provide people with the best and widest variety of options for treating light sensitivity.


In addition to Dr. Katz, our chief technical officer, Dr. Steve Blair, has more than 15 years experience in biomedical optics and optical systems. He has access to state-of-the-art spectroscopic measurement equipment to insure our products consistently meet Axon’s specifications while providing the greatest therapeutic benefit to customers.

Meet Our Team

Nestled at the edge of the Rocky Mountains, our team is either researching at the University of Utah’s Medical School or Engineering Department or helping people with light sensitivity find the right solution.


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