Polarization or Transitions with my Axon Optics Light Sensitivity Lens?

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Polarization or Transitions with my Axon Optics Light Sensitivity Lens?


Hi Axon Optics Readers!  Virginia here.  People get so excited about our lenses that they want to try everything.  All of our lenses have our superior blend of the therapeutic FL-41 tint, the only tint proven to help light-sensitivity and associated conditions.  All of our lenses have 100% UVA and UVB protection.  I recommend the anti-glare anti-smudge coating to reduce reflections and to protect your investment.  But what about our other customization options?  Many people ask me which I’d choose: transitions or polarization.  (A lens can’t have both.)  This article is purely my opinion, having tried both lenses and spoken to many customers about their respective experiences.

Axon Optics FL-41 Natural Migraine Relief Headache Eyestrain Blepharospasm Photophobia

Of the two, I’d definitely recommend transitions over polarization.  Let’s examine the pros and cons of both:


Pros: A Transitions lens darkens outside and doubles as a sunglass pair.  The darkening transitions element within the lens won’t impede your regular vision, indoors or out.

Cons: It’s not going to feel as dark as sunglasses, our outdoor tint, or our polarized lens.  Also, the cost may be prohibitive for some people.  May not provide adequate coverage to be used as a sunglass if you order the lenses placed in an eyeglass frame.

Axon Optics Fl-41 Transitions Migraine Relief Lenses Blepharospasm Photophobia

Transitions chart Axon Optics Fl-41 lenses migraine relief blepharospasm photophobia eyestrain

Polarized Lenses

Pros: Polarized lenses block some of the entire light spectrum and are common in sunglasses. Our tint adds extra coverage in the painful portion of the light spectrum.  For those averse to a rose-tinted lens, this one appears as a soft charcoal grey (you’ll barely see the pink).  The upcharge for polarization is minor compared to the upcharge for Transitions, making it an option for some who would be unable to purchase Transitions. Great for blocking glare from outdoor activities such as boating, fishing, skiing, snowboarding – any activity where you’d have that up-facing reflection from the snow or water surface.

Cons: Has a lower concentration of tint compared our outdoor tint,  which has the greatest therapeutic benefit. As with all polarized lenses, they can cause distortion when viewing electronics, and make some people feel sick. If you’ve worn polarized lenses before, then you’ll be fine. If you have not worn polarized lenses before, we do not recommend purchasing your prescription lenses with polarization at first. Non-prescription polarized lenses can be exchanged.

Polarized Lenses Axon Optics Natural Migraine Relief Lenses Computer Glasses blepharospasm TBI traumatic brain injury Flex AX 29 polarized Axon Optics Natural Migraine Relief

Conclusion: Transitions work for everyone, but polarization only works for some.  If you want the most therapeutic possible lens, try the outdoor tint.  If you want both indoor/outdoor use, try the Transitions.


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9 thoughts on “Polarization or Transitions with my Axon Optics Light Sensitivity Lens?

  1. Tim says:

    So all of your lens are either polarized or transition? I would prefer to purchase polarized outdoor sunglasses but I am a bit confused about your classification method.

    Thank you

  2. Sita says:

    Hi, I tried sto get help through the chat but it didn’t work. I am interested in transition FL 41 glasses. I see distinctions for indoor or outdoor, but no one the glasses say transitions. Please let me know what to do.

    • Lori Glover says:

      I was at the Migraine World Summit in LA yesterday. Transitions is an option listed in lens type after indoor or outdoor. Please remember that transitions take a few minutes to darken and only darken when exposed to UV rays directly. They are not as dark as outdoor lenses. They do not darken in bright rooms or inside cars. Please email [email protected] if you have any product questions.

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