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Use your own frame: You can send Axon Optics nearly any frame and we can add Axon’s Spectrashield FL-41 lenses to it. Non-prescription or prescription lenses are available.  If you the frame you want to send is rimless, please also add the Drill Mount charge on the Accessories page.  Not doing so will result in a delay of processing your order.

Send-In-Your-Frame Instructions: Choose your lens and enter you frame description below.  Place the order.  Package your frame and order information (either print your receipt or write note with your name and order number on it). Send your frame to:

Axon Optics Send In Your Frame Service
9500 S 500 W STE 103B
Sandy UT 84070, USA

We will discard the old lenses and replace them with new Axon Optics lenses. We are unable to return your original lenses, so you should have a local optician remove them if you’d like to keep them prior to shipping us your frame.

Tips For Fastest Service: Be sure to place your order through the website before sending in your frame. We cannot be responsible for lost, missing, or damaged frames, or frames that are sent before an order is placed. Please save your tracking number in case of any issues with the postal service delivery. If you are adding a prescription to the order, enter your prescription in the form below.  Do not send your paper prescription with your frame.

As our Send-In-Your-Frame service is a nonrefundable custom item, we recommend first trying the tint as non-prescription lenses in one of our frames, as those can be returned within 30 days of purchase in new condition for an exchange credit or a refund. The average delivery time is four weeks from when you ship your frame to us.  Please allow additional time for international orders.

Advice for Selecting Frames: Choose a frame which is comfortable on your face, has the largest possible lenses, and matches your personal style. Try to imagine how much light the lenses would block once swapped out. Do you like nosepads or no nosepads? Is it comfortable across the bridge of your nose? Are the lenses wide enough? Are they too wide?
A lens which is too wide may incur reflections from behind which can distract you, so you’ll want to be sure the frame is just right. How do the arms fit against the sides of your head?
Are they comfortable? Do they extend far enough behind your ears? Too Far? Would they cut in it you were lying down sick or watching TV? Once you’ve answered these questions, the optician can make final adjustments to your frame so it fits perfectly. It may need re-adjustment after lens insertion, but most of the adjustments will remain the same.

You get what you pay for with frames – our value frames are optical-grade frames and include a one-year warranty, but frames purchased from a pharmacy or other location may be too low-end to include a warranty, and many cheap readers (such as Foster Grant) aren’t intended to ever have their lenses removed once manufactured, so doing it voids the frame warranty. Get the frame from an optical shop if possible to include a warranty and to be sure that the frame can handle insertion of prescription lenses. If you’re not sure, ask the salesperson. If you’re low on funds, have a hard time finding a good frame, or can’t make it to an optical shop, an old frame you have from a pair of prescription lenses will do nicely – just remember it may not be possible to replace the frame if it breaks, as it is most likely no longer manufactured. Designer frames are expensive, but you’ll get that warranty, durability, and the fit, style, and coverage you need. This isn’t a place to scrimp on price, because you get what you pay for with frames.

Axon Optics cannot be responsible if your frame breaks during insertion or in the future, but please check with the frame vendor or the manufacturer to redeem your warranty.



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