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    Axon Lenses are available in the following prescription types:

    • Single Vision
    • Progressives (Everyday Progressives or Computer Progressives)
    • Readers

    Lenses are not available in bi-focals or tri-focals.

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    Enter your PD number(s). If PD is not on your prescription, please contact your eye care provider. You can also self measure with our PD tool.

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    The Seg Height (Segment Height or SH) is the measurement from the bottom of the lens to the point where your progressive lens starts. If you do not submit your Seg Height, we will use a standard number.

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    Enter your PD number(s). If PD is not on your prescription, please contact your eye care provider. You can also self measure with our PD tool by clicking the "Don't have your PD" button.

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    Readers magnify the entire lens.  Partial lens magnification (bi-focal) is not available.

    Add a premium coating?

    Reduces annoying glare and reflections. Diminishes 'halo effect' around lights. Resistant to scratches, fingerprints, static, and water.

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    We recommend you submit your prescription from your eye care provider. This will help us verify your prescription during the initial review process. If there are any questions, you will be notified immediately by email. If you do not submit this information, your order may be delayed.

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Absolute Protection

The unisex WRAP 7C has Axon’s therapeutic lenses and features 7Eye’s patented AirShield technology, a removable inner gasket which contours to the exact shape of your face — that means complete isolation of your eyes from external light. Fits small to medium faces.

For a wrap frame with a more traditional styling try our Office Wrap frame which fits medium to wide faces.

Size Medium
Full Curve

Why Choose Axon Optics

Helps 85

Helps 85% of Users

85% of customers surveyed have reported a decrease in headache and light sensitivity impact.


Subtle, Consistent Color

Axon lenses are tightly quality controlled to ensure tint consistency, and the color is sublte enough to avoid drawing unwanted attention. You’ll look good and feel even better.

Star rating

1500+ Reviews, 4.4 stars

“Love! I never go anywhere without these. I even use these for outdoors. They provide so much relief. And very comfortable. I’ve recommended these to so many sufferers already.”

--Jessica D.

Dr. Katz Small circle

Created by Dr. Bradley Katz

Dr. Katz is a neuro-ophthalmologist and professor at Moran Eye Center at the University of Utah. He has been treating patients continually since 1995, and is a well-respected peer-reviewed, published migraine and light sensitivity researcher.

Zipper Case on White

What’s Included

Cloth Lens Cleaning Case

Zipper Hard Case

18 Anti-Glare Coatings

Premium Anti-Scratch

Lenses for Everybody


Our most popular lenses calm the eyes even under harsh artificial lighting. Can be worn inside and at a computer.


When regular sunglasses aren’t enough, try our dark outdoor lenses to block more of the troublesome light.

Light Adaptive

Changes from indoor tint to outdoor tint in direct sunlight. Not recommended for driving because they will not darken behind a car’s windshield.

*All available in prescription or non-prescription

Wrap Frame
Buy with Confidence

Buy With Confidence

Let the Good Light In

Block only the wavelengths that actually cause your pain, while allowing soothing green light in to calm your eyes.

High-Quality Frames

Our frames are worth the investment. All of them are made with high-quality, durable and lightweight materials.

Stop Annoying Glare

Axon lenses have premium anti-reflective coatings, so they won’t bounce light from above or behind back into your sensitive eyes.

Avoid Dark Adaptation

Wearing sunglasses indoors can cause your eyes to adapt to low light, making them even more sensitive over time. Axon indoor lenses are safe to wear without this risk.


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Wayland W.

Great fit

My wrap frames fit amazingly. They're firm fitting on a solid frame!

Elisabeth M.

Love these glasses with side sun protection👌

These glasses are awesome especially for driving. Haven’t been having post driving migraines with them. These glasses block sun from the side too so they are superior eye protection for driving, walking or other outdoor activities.

David G.

Amazing Glasses

They fit really well and Axon Optics' customer service is amazing!

Emma S.

Not for me.

A bit like wearing black swimming goggles. Not comfortable for me. I was recovering from cataract surgery and needed something dark. They touched my cheeks too much.


Axon Optics

Yes, the wrap frame has significant coverage, including a foam gasket to block as much light as possible. They gasket, however, is removeable if it becomes irritating.


Light sensitivity

Helps reduce my eye pain and watering from photo phobia. Shipping with the usps has some issue's I would suggest a better shipping co. Like ups !

Lincoln L.

More options

This is a replacement pair and the last glasses had polarized lens. Unfortunately this was not available this time around. I also know at one point there was an option for extra dark lens at one time, which I also would have liked on my new pair. Other than that, I love your product.

Jennifer G.