Unisex WRAP7C Migraine Glasses and Light Sensitivity Glasses



Absolute Coverage from Light: Our newest Wrap now includes a thinner gasket, taller lenses, and more comfortable fit. The Unisex WRAP 7C has Axon’s therapeutic FL-41 lenses and features 7Eye’s patented AirShield technology, a removable inner gasket which contours to the exact shape of your face — that means complete isolation of your eyes from external light. Regular (Ventus) Fits Medium to Wide Faces Lens width: 60 millimeters Lens height: 35 millimeters Bridge: 15 millimeters Arm: 130 millimeters.  Weight: 37 g/1.30 oz. This frame qualifies as a Safety Glass and has been recertified as ANSI z.87 with our lenses inserted.