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Axon Optics lenses are used by the Veteran’s Administration, physical therapists, rehabilitation centers, visual development clinics, optical shops, neurologists, neuro-ophthalmologists, prosthetics clinics, Low Vision providers, migraine and headache specialists, and more.  This map includes specialists at all levels.

These doctors have experience with our products; some may have demo pairs you can try onsite.  Most are not affiliated with Axon Optics and do not receive any payment or compensation for prescribing our tint.  Some even have our glasses for sale!  This is not an all-inclusive list, but may help direct you to the best resource in your area.  Prescriptions more complex than Single-Vision can be made by your local eye doctor; please have your eye doctor contact us to purchase uncut lenses directly.

CIGNA Insurance subscribers nationwide: Please call the 800-number on the back of your insurance card to inquire about your health insurance benefits and coverage for Axon Optics Therapeutic Eyewear.

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    • Virginia says:

      I’m sorry Linda, it looks like we do not have any locations in your area. My recommendation would be to order a non-prescription pair of lenses in our frames through our website to see if the lenses help you. If they help, you can then pursue a prescription pair in your own frame. We can make single-vision prescriptions through our website; more complex prescriptions can be made through Sherwin Optical. I have included their contact information in the details below.

      My advice for the perfect pair of therapeutic glasses:

      Have us make a pair of custom glasses for you – perfect lenses for your needs, and a frame you’ve selected in person. This can be a new frame from an optical shop, a designer style, or an old favorite frame you’ve owned for years – we’ll fill it with customized lenses just for you. I recommend first trying a non-prescription lens in one of our frames, to be sure you like the tint before investing in a nonrefundable custom order.

      If you’d like to try a pair of our lenses before placing a custom order, I recommend our Cover-RX, which fits over your current prescription lenses but can also be worn alone:
      Once you know the tint works for you, you can send us your own frame to be filled with new lenses (Single-vision prescriptions or non-prescription lenses, or contact lenses in lieu of framed glasses). Nothing works like a frame you’ve selected in person, in terms of fit, style, and coverage.

      We can make any single-vision prescription lens. If you have a more complex prescription such as bifocal, trifocal, or progressive, this type of prescription requires the supervision of an eye doctor and cannot be made directly through our website. If you’ve already tried our tint as described above, you can get your prescription made with our tint through an eye doctor. Any eye doctor who can work with independent lens vendors can email me at [email protected] for directions on how to make the lenses with our tint. It can be difficult to find a doctor who is not stuck in lab contracts, but I can refer you to a doctor who can help. Please call mail-order doctors Sherwin Optical at (602) 242-3486.
      I have included our full Return Policy below.

      Axon Optics Return Policy
      Our try-on program is a great way to find out if the tint helps you. Whether you have perfect vision or need prescription lenses, I recommend first trying our tint non-prescription in one of our frames, to be sure that the tint helps you before investing in a nonrefundable custom order. All non-prescription lenses in our frames can be returned within 30 days of purchase in new condition for exchange credit or a refund. This usually gives you a few days after delivery to try them out and see if they help. This way is great because it is risk-free – you only pay shipping costs. Be sure to keep that tracking number in case we need it!

      (For international customers and orders that arrive late: The deadline is extended, please try the lenses for up to a week to see if they help before returning. Please note that many countries will charge an import duty, which is a tax that they will collect upon delivery of your package. This is separate than our costs, so you may want to plan ahead and order multiple pair at once should this apply to you.)

      For contact lenses, no refunds can be given. We recommend first trying the tint as described above before purchasing nonrefundable contact lenses. If you haven’t tried contact lenses before, you should try them first, to be sure your eyes can tolerate them.

      Though prescription orders cannot be refunded, the lab can re-do the lenses upon request for 50% off of regular price.

      Warranty information: All frames include a one-year warranty. Lenses include a one-year warranty when ordered with our Premium Multipurpose Coating. Non-prescription lenses include our Premium Multipurpose coating at no additional cost; for prescription lenses, it must be added. Both can be replaced once within the first year after date of purchase.

      Clearance items cannot be returned.

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