User Story: Swelling of the brain and nerve damage caused by mold.

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User Story: Swelling of the brain and nerve damage caused by mold.

What was your experience with mold exposure?

My mold exposure was job related. I worked at a University and my office building was previously a car wash converted to office space and classrooms. Initially I suffered with respiratory, lightheadedness, vertigo, and nausea (after 1 month in the building). Many people experienced similar problems. My Assistant Dean died.

Tell about your experience taking a long time to get diagnosed?

In the beginning I was told that it was allergies and I did everything recommended including running an air purifier in my office. Nothing worked.

My respiratory problems increased dramatically and I ended being hospitalized numerous times plus placed on an inhaler and other meds which lead to elevated BP, anxiety, and countless other health problems. Over a years time, every system of my body was affected: Kidneys, Brain, Lungs, Circulatory, Skin, Neurologic, Ocular, Vestibular and more.

How did you discover Axon Optics?

Candy wearing Axon Frames after her experience with nerve damage from mold
Candy and her Axon Optics glasses after she visited the Neuro-Ophthalmologist

I was finally sent to a Neuro-Ophthalmologist where he discovered inflammation of the brain and that I suffered with Disequilibrium and not Vertigo. Part of this recommendation was physical therapy and FL-41 or purple lenses. 

I’m a former educator so I researched Disequilibrium and discovered and their website eventually directed me to Axon Optics.

The dreadful moments throughout this journey are unforgettable but the absolute “Ah Ha” moments were life changing. Axon Optics and my ND’s that recommended Homeopathic remedies were the “Ah Ha” moments.

What symptoms did you have before that Axon Optics glasses have helped you find relief from?

Prior to discovering Axon Optics I suffered with ocular migraines, flashes, blinding crackles in my vision along with hypersensitivity to light and sound. All from the swelling of the brain and the nerve damage caused by the mold.

I had no health problems prior to working in that building. I went from no doctors to over 27 doctors, ambulance rides and numerous hospitalizations. I was failed over and over by the medical system and it’s taken 7 years to be 70% better.

Becoming disabled in the prime of my life has been devastating. I thank God that your company exists as Axon Optics has given me some semblance of my life back.

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