Choosing a Bifocal Lens

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Choosing a Bifocal Lens

What is the difference between Standard Bifocals and Progressives?  A Standard Bifocal has your distance prescription on the top half of the lens, and a magnified version of your prescription on the bottom half for reading.  A Progressive Bifocal has both distance and reading like a traditionl bifocal, but with the line blended.

I realized how few visual examples of this concept exist on the internet.  This diagram illustrates how they both have magnification on bottom, distance on top; note the difference between the line on the standard bifocal and the progressive.

bifocal lens

bifocal lens bifocal lens


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One thought on “Choosing a Bifocal Lens

  1. Caryl O'Shaughnessy says:

    I have a few questions.
    If I order the PRIME S59 can I get the progressive bifocal which I already know my strength is 2.50
    . Can I just order the glasses with just a bifocal not a prescription?
    My other question is… I get headaches from the changes of extreme light from bright to dark. So would you recommaend not the polarized but the anti glare. Because I believe my migraine are triggered from the glare. Would I need both even though I prefer the sunglasses not be so dark.
    Thank you much,

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