Help! How can I tell if my Transitions have Axon Optics therapeutic tint?

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Help! How can I tell if my Transitions have Axon Optics therapeutic tint?

Axon Optics natural migraine relief FL-41 lenses with transitions-logo-dark-blue

Axon Optics uses Transitions Brand lenses in our optical lab.  Every pair is hand-tinted and so variation may occur.  These are very complex lenses with multiple functions.  These lenses can take up to a month for us to produce, as most are made-to-order according to your specifications.  They may include:

UV Protection: All Axon Optics lenses provide full UVA/UVB protection, making them superior sunglasses.

Polycarbonate or CR-39: We use high-grade plastic composites instead of glass to reduce the risk of shattering.  If you have a very strong prescription, we may need to upgrade to a high-index material.  High-index materials are stronger, but more expensive both to purchase and to process.

Add a prescription: We can add your prescription to the lenses.  The cost depends on your prescription and other lens options.

Our tint: Axon Optics’ proprietary version of the FL-41 tint has been clinically proven not only to work, but to work better than other tints and other versions of this tint.  Our therapeutic tint will appear as a light pink on the surface of your Transitions lenses, which will darken to a deep purple.  The tint is providing natural migraine relief whether you are indoors our outdoors, and does not change its effectiveness when the Transitions element activates or deactivates.

Add a coating:  Our default lenses are uncoated.  Most eye doctors strongly recommend adding an  anti-glare anti-smudge coating to the outside of your lenses.  Our anti-glare anti-smudge premium coating is an optical standard; if you’ve worn prescription lenses before, you have probably had this coating on your lenses.  Anti-glare anti-smudge coating renders light-sensitivity lenses more effective by reducing overall exposure to ultra-bright lights, glare, and reflections.  The coating also protects against smudges, moisture, and scratches. This is a great way to protect your investment.

Note that due to the unique handmade nature of these lenses, tint color and darkness achieved may vary.  This variation increases with time of day, weather, and season, so it is a good idea to compare darkness in both full and partial sun.  Be sure to leave your lenses outside long enough to see just how dark they go – you’ll be amazed how clear the view is when you put them on.

This batch of glasses happened to be consistent, with all being pale pink indoors and nearly black outdoors:

Axon Optics Natural Migraine Relief FL-41 Tinted Lenses Indoor  DSC_0041


As you can see, variation does exist among pairs.  All of these seem to have our tint, but the one pair appears to have a defective transitions element within.  Can you guess which one it is?  The light pink pair in the center clearly had our tint, but fails to darken in full sun.  If you’re not sure about your pair, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Axon Optics Natural Migraine relief transitions lineup FL-41





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