Long-Term Migraines and Light Sensitivity following a Brain Injury

Long-Term Migraines and Light Sensitivity following a Brain Injury

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Long-Term Migraines and Light Sensitivity following a Brain Injury

Migraines and light sensitivity

Dear Axon Optics,

Thirteen years ago I suffered a brain injury. One of the long-term effects of this injury has been frequent severe migraines and light sensitivity. If you have ever been a victim to a migraine you know just how painful and inconvenient they are. For me they are often incapacitating. The sensitivity to light that they cause makes everyday life a struggle. I recently had a migraine, and tried axon optics glasses during its duration of a few days. They helped immensely with my light sensitivity. Since I could not afford to stay at home locked up in a dark room (though I wanted to) I wore them to help me tolerate indoor and outdoor light.

    I was highly impressed, not only did they make light less painful, they helped with the vision problems that occur during my migraines. They were lightweight and very comfortable, which means a lot to me being a deaf person who wears hearing aids. I was worried that they would be too dark to wear inside but I could see everything perfectly. They are a real lifesaver! I now wear them almost every day to help with overall sensitivity to light. And they are quite stylish. Thank you for this incredible product, I would recommend it to anyone with light sensitivity or migraine headaches.

Dany M

Salt Lake City, Utah



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