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Melany’s Story: Migraines Developed While Pregnant, Axon Lenses Helped Pregnancy Migraines

You may have heard Melany’s story on the news or read about it in the paper. Her story rings true fomelstoryr so many. She developed migraines with aura while pregnant.  I recently interviewed Melany about her experience for our blog.

Q: Melany, When did you start getting migraines?

A: Spring 2011, I wasn’t sure what it was, as I’d never had anything like it before. My head was really hurting; I felt super sick and weak. I couldn’t get out of bed. I stayed at home and hid in my closet as the pain was too much to handle.

Q: What were the migraines like? What did you do about it?

A: I called my doctor as I felt really sick and couldn’t get out of bed. I remember having ice on my head and that seem to help only for a little while. I had never experience something like it so I didn’t know what was going on. He told me I had a migraine and some woman get them because of a hormonal change, he prescribed me migraine medicine but there is always a side effect and being pregnant I didn’t really want to take risk. I bought the medicine but I avoid taking it because of the migraine glasses.

She tried our glasses and found them immensely helpful.  Fortunately, her photophobia-induced migraines ended after pregnancy.  She is now migraine-free and has a healthy toddler!  Our proprietary blend of the FL-41 tint made such a difference in her life that she came to work for Axon Optics.  Pregnancy migraines can be prevented or minimized without the need for medications.

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